Do we need to reinforce our floor for washer?

sjantz41July 13, 2013

We would like to know if we need to reinforce our floor for a front load washer and dryer. Our floor specs are as follows. Solitaire's Exclusive Grid Work Floor System features 2x6 transverse floor joints on 16 inch centers. An overlay of 2x3 longitudinal stringers completes the grid.
5/8 inch plywood Sturdy Floor decking is glued and fastened to the Exclusive Grid Work Floor System. We are trying to avoid the vibration issue before we move the units into our laundry room. Thanks!

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Not sure about your flooring but we had a Front Load washer and when it spun, it sounded like a jet taking off and it vibrated terrible...anything sitting on top of it, fell off. When we went to replace it we talked to the merchant and he said that our machine was belt driven. The new machines (same brand) are direct drive. We did buy the direct drive and you can hardly hear it spinning. This is on a laminate floor, 1st floor of our ranch house, next to the kitchen. I know the LG and the Whirlpool are direct drive and I am sure there are others out there.

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