Cheer He powder now available

happymomof2kidsJuly 15, 2011

I happened to be at looking for good deals on detergent when I saw Cheer Powder HE was now available. also has a listing for it in their Ingredients pdf site.

Amazon link

P&G Ingredients site link

I didn't know if you all knew about it yet or not. I also knew some really wanted a cheer HE powder, so I figured I would post it. I also saw it offered on Sam's Club website.

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Thanks for posting this. I was looking for it since I understand that Cheer powders do not contain OBs. This seems to be the only mainstream powder detergent without OBs.

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I wonder how it smells?

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If it still smells the way it use to, it just smells clean. It's not strong smelling like Tide He powder. It reminds me of the clean, old fashioned detergent smell. I almost ordered it myself, but I already ordered some Persil Universal powder and Persil Megapearls color from better products online because they were on sale and the Sears powder is just not getting rid of all the stains we seem to be having this summer, even with pretreating. Not to mention, even though it says it's color safe, the Sears has faded some of our new colored cloths.

If someone tries this, please let me know how it works for you. It's less expensive than the Persil Megaperls Color so it might save me a little down the road.

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They have this at Sam's also. Funny thing, I called Cheer just yesterday asking if the liquid Cheer HE had made a change in formula with the new bottle. The rep told me the liquid is the same "BrightClean" formula, just a different bottle.

I ask about the Cheer HE powder and she tells me that Cheer Powder does not come in an HE formula. I did not tell her that Sam's has it. Just goes to show that their answers are not always correct.

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Thanks for posting this. I will look for it in my local stores.

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Thanks for posting this. I will definitely be looking for it. I checked Target yesterday but they are not carrying it at this point. Will check Wal-Mart next. I hate to pay shipping charges if I can find it locally.

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I checked my two local Walmarts yesterday and they do not have it yet. I ended up buying Tide w/Bleach HE powder as so many on this board recommended it and I wanted to try it.

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It is not even on the Cheer website, and THREE local Targets do not carry it!

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I will look for it, too, as I am longstanding regular Cheer powder user.


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I had to do the grocery shopping today and was looking for it myself out of curiosity. None of the stores near me have it either. I'm hoping they do at some time in the future.

I wonder if I should send an email to Cheer along with the links and demand they get off their little boodies and actually find out if this is ever going to be available to consumers in retail stores. Do you think it would work? LOL

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Cheer has recently changed their web site. Compared to the Tide web site, Cheer's was very lame. Now it's worse, IMO.

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The ingredients list has been on PG's website for quite sometime now. I compared the regular powder and HE powder's ingredients and found that they are exactly the same and in the same order of listing.
I continue to use the regular powder in my Bosch with no issues.

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@cavimum, it looks like they are changing their packaging too (based on new website graphics) - blech! Really don't like packaging or website.

I picked up a small bottle of HE liquid last night. I find the scent very mild in the bottle so hopefully it will be very mild on whatever I wash.

I was tempted to get the regular powder last night since HE is not available here (Canada) yet but didn't. I'll have to compare the ingredients myself. If they truly are the same I don't see whey they wouldn't just label one box reg/HE instead of a separate box.

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@livebetter - I bit the bullet and found the Cheer Free/Bright&Clean HE liquid this morning at WalMart. That must be the only place in town that sells it. They had both old & new style labels, so the new look is arriving.

I called Cheer last week and asked why they did not make an HE "Free" powder, pointing out that TL machines can use HE but FL machines cannot use regular detergents. Also mentioned they might garner a larger market share by selling a HE powder version, so the rep said they would pass along my comments.

It would be nice if Cheer and some other brands would list their ingredients, but even the Tide ingredient list on their web site is not 100% correct. Still, it would be nice, but they probably have to guard their secret formulas. ~rolls eyes~

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I got this E-mail today from Cheer about the HE Powder:

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but this product has been discontinued. We offered it for a limited time only at club stores. It's possible we'll offer something like this again and I'm sharing your interest with the rest of the team. It's come to our attention that some Sam's clubs may still have some in stock but we are currently not manufacturing or distributing it anymore".

SO, if you have a Sams close by check there to see if they still have any in stock.

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FYI... even the non-HE Cheer powder was very low sudsing and clean rinsing. Cheer was ahead of its time in this regard when it was created decades ago - particularly so being that people were still used to seeing massive suds in top-loaders.

Dosed correctly, non-HE Cheer will not present issues in most high capacity front loaders. Lower capacity (i.e. Euro style) units may run into some sudsing.

- IT Geek

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Just yesterday, I saw HE Cheer powder at Sam's also!!

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Non-HE Cheer powderdoes just fine in "smaller capacity" high efficiency front loaders such as the Askos and Miele machines that I've been using it in for nearly two decades. It is my main everyday detergent. I initially chose if for its low-sudsing attribute but stayed with it because it cleans perfectly in my machines and with my water chemistry, at a very low dosing rate: @1.25 tablespoons, or one scant scoop using the green Charlie's Soap scoop.

One large, "81-load" box of non-HE regular Cheer powder lasts me for more than a year, even though I do dozens of loads per week. (Admittedly some of those loads are done with other specialty products for wool, silk, and down, etc.)

Every time they update the product I worry they've made changes - so far that hasn't happened. But I routinely keep about 3 years worth of detergent on hand, just in case.

I can only find it now at Target, it was formerly also available at WalMart.


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