Are white walls out?

MariposaTraicioneraAugust 4, 2008

I have been looking through some of the pics here and seeing lots of lovely "colours" but barely any white walls.

Would you believe that I am sick, sick, sick of colour in my house and would like to go back to white? Not a plain old ugly white, but surely there are nice whites? What about a very light gray (just a hint)?

Any suggestions?

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I am feeling the same way. Am really tired of beige everything and ready to repaint in white. I do love color though and need it around me. Maybe it is the beige thing that is bothering me. Most of the catalogs are showing white walls, so we can't be far off.

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There is nothing wrong with white. Try BM Dove White. It'a a grayish white. Very pretty. I used it with RH Graphite which is a gray.

I use a hair of color in my main living spaces.

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White could never go out of style. I bet more people still have white walls than colored ones. After decades of white, I finally broke down and did color. But with lots of white trim. I know lots of people are using softer versions of the wall color for their trim but I love the crisp look of white and couldn't give it up completely.

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