New Thermostat coming from iPod designers

eoz3106October 25, 2011

I will be building a new house next year so I will be quite curious to see how well this works in the real world. Any takers out there to get one next month when it is released??

Here is a link that might be useful: Nest Thermostat

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High-end systems, such as the Carrier Infinity Series, use brand specific thermostats that offer 3-way communication between the T-stat, HP & Fan Coil units and cannot be substituted.

Besides, it is best to not use setbacks in many cases, such as with geothermal systems. So who's their target, consumers with 30-year old oil furnaces?

Just what the world needs, another thermostat that 'appears' smart - but it is sexy!


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Infinity Thermostat

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Why shouldn't a set-back be used with ground-source (AKA geothermal) systems?

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It's not recommended for low temperature systems. Greatest economy and comfort is derived from a constant temperature. Yes you can have smart, learning T-stats that will recover without triggering the backup but it's not really worth it.



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Another solution in search of a problem, by some people who do not appears to understand all that much about the range of heating and cooling systems in use.

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