Light over Dining Room Table... how far should it hang?

SheeshareeIIJanuary 22, 2008

Hi All!

I'm sure this has been posted before.. i did try and search but can never find ANYTHING when i do.

How far down should your dining room light hang from the ceiling over the table? Ceilings are 8'.

Something i never had to think about before!

Thanks in advance! :)

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I found this piece of info somewhere on the web and have had it clipped in my notes files for a while:

Another common dilemma is determining the height to hang a chandelier over a dining room table. This also can vary depending on the size of the light fixture and the height of the ceiling. In general,in a room with 8' ceilings the chandelier should be hung approximately 28" to 32" above the table, adjusting that dimension based on the height of the chandelier itself. In a room with 9' ceilings, you would go approximately 30" to 34" above the table surface.

It also includes some information on picking the right size light for the room...I can post that too if you need that info. Hope this helps.

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Hey thanks nskylark!

yes if you would post the info about the right size. we ended up taking back the one we bought because it didn't hang straight.. this one's still in the box. i think it will be alright in the room but.... :)

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