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beware_of_searsJuly 27, 2010

I was wondering if there is a reason that my lint falls right off the trap when I am pulling the lint trap out of the dryer. It is very fine particles that go everywhere in the laundry room. Is there anyway to prevent this? Thanks for your help!

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No long-furred pets in your household, huh? Seriously, the cat and rabbit fur seem to hold the assorted lint types together at my house.

I think you'll just have to cover it with a paper towel, or spritz it lighly as you pull it out, or hold the waste can up to the machine. Sounds like your filter mechanism is working quite well.

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Perhaps there is a coating of softener or other additives on the screen. You could try cleaning the screen with warm water, dish detergent, and a soft brush. Be sure to dry the screen thoughly before puting it back into the dryer.


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Take precautions against lint falling down into the filter chute. It can clog the blower housing if it gets stuck in there. If it blows on through, it can clog the exhaust ducting.

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To all that responded, thanks so much for your tips and tricks! These are some excellent ideas. Have a great day!

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