For those who's dryer vents have long runs, you must try this

mark40511July 19, 2010

It's called the Guardus Lint Eater... Ever since I have moved into my new home in 2004, I noticed how much faster the dryer dried clothes than when living in an apartment with a dryer vent that had a clogged lint in it. After a few months of living here, it started taking longer and longer to dry clothes. My roof pitch is VERY steep and I tried getting up there but it's too scary (which is odd because I grew up playing on roofs, but not this steep)

I have an electric leaf blower that I have been using a couple of times a year which has helped (somewhat) but after using it I walk outside and look up at the roof cap and I can see lint stuck to the sides of the cap and it's at the very top of the roof and not easily accessible.......I never really knew if the leaf blower was working very well or not. It took about 50 to 60 min's to dry a big load of clothes to 90 percent dry (not bone dry)

I purchased this thing off Amazon after reading all the positive reviews....It's the simplest thing and it hooks to a cordless drill. The video demonstrates going from the exhaust cap downward to the inside (but it says you can go the other way, from the top and out (which I had to do because I can't get up on the roof).......I pulled dryer out, got the brush and attached to the end of the took seven of the three foot rods before I couldn't go any further. I stopped, walked out and looked up on the roof to see if I could see the brush sticking out of the roof cap but I could not, but there was a lot of lint pushed out...

I went back inside and pulled the unit down and I got a big plastic grocery bag full of lint.....Then I got leaf blower, blew it out...Lint was EVERYWHERE on the roof..AT this point I went ahead and did the entire process over again (for good measure)...No more lint came out at all.....So vacuum up everything and put the dryer back..This cut about 35 % off my drying time...I dried a large load of mixed colored clothes in 25 min and they were BONE dry..It only took me about 40 minutes total from start to finish so it wasn't that bad at all.....

OH....I got a ladder and went out to the edge of the house and put a lint brush on an extension poll to get the remaining lint that was sticking on the outside of the roof cap. This lint brush that came with the lint eater worked great for that as well. I'm not trying to spam at all, just saying this thing really worked. I know most folks do not even give cleaning a dryer vent a 2nd thought. Just thought I would share :)

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If you have a long run for your vent, they make a vent fan. My hubby will be installing this. Saw it on Ask This Old House.
You're right about cleaning vents. Knew someone that lost their house to a fire that started in the vent of the dryer.

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