looking to replace wood stove with gas stove

ebuhrmesterOctober 24, 2011

Our home is about 1250 square feet with a walk out basement with the garage in part of the basement. We heat the upstairs with electric heat panels and heat about 500 square feet in the basement with a wood burning stove that is vented through a fireplace in the basement. There is a vent above the woodstove in the livingroom so we can supplement the upstairs heat with the woodburner. The stove-pipe vents through a sheetmetal plate that covers the fireplace opening.

We're looking to replace the wood burner with a gas console heater. I've found information about Cozy and Empire and Williams heaters. Does anyone have any thoughts about these heaters ? I'm not sure what size to go with, either 35000 or 50000 btu. Can we vent these heaters the same way we vent the woodburner?

Any feedback is appreciated.



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Have you looked at pellet or corn, or multi-fuel stove? May save you a few bucks depending on the cost of gas in your area.

If your set on gas, I'm not sure of what code requires. I would think as long as you have the proper vent pipe for gas you should be alright with existing routing.

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