HE for Non-HE machine?

PatJune 1, 2014

I know this has been discussed in the past -- I did a search on about 10 pages and nothing came up so I would like to ask again, please: What are the advantages of using an HE detergent in a non-HE machine?

Also, have you personally found that liquid detergents get out oil and grease stains better than powder detergents, and that powder detergents do a better job of getting our dirt stains, as stated on some laundry site a few years ago?


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Less suds, better rinsing.

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What George said.

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It can be particularly helpful in soft water where it's difficult to balance good cleaning with a suds level that achieves thorough rinses.
As a clinical massage therapist, I obviously deal with oily stains often, and have found that powders work best. Especially those with high sodium carbonate levels. I have also found that detergents with several enzymes in their formulations work best at removing a variety of soils.
I have to admit, I have always preferred powders, especially for heavily soiled stuff and whites. For colours, I tend to look for powders or liquids that don't include optical brighteners or bleaches in the formula.

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The only benefit IMO to using HE detergent in a non-HE machine is regards to the sudsing issue.

HE formulas are designed for low-water machines so have a lower concentration of water-softening agents at a given dosage level. A larger dose of HE detergent typically is needed (particularly for maximum-fill loads) in non-HE machines to compensate for the larger volume of water involved.

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