Washer/Dryer closert stacking challenges

munaJune 25, 2013


I'm looking to purchase the following Whirlpool Washer/Dryer:

Now, I plan to stack them in a closet. Where it gets tricky is that my closet is 37" (D) and 36" (W). Clearly, I will have to stack them. However, given that I only have 37" depth, I don't think I will be able to use the venting out the back. (The machine is 32.75" deep + 5" venting puts me over 37"). I thought about using a periscope vent, but I'm not convinced it's the best option to go

So now I'm trying to consider whether I can side vent the dryer. Leaving 2" room on the left for the water supply/drain, and 27" width for the dryer, that leaves me 7" of room on the right for the side vent.

That raises two questions:
1) Can I side vent the dryer myself? Is it involved? Or can the store do it for me before its delivered?
2) Is 7" enough room for a side vent? I can't find any details on how much the pipe will protrude from the side, and whether a short elbow gives me enough room (such as http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/4-Inch-90-Degree-Vent/4396006RW/1266644) I will need an elbow to take the vent pipe up towards the ceiling where it will attach to a dryer lint trap and a vent booster.

Would anyone happen to know whether this will work?


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[Disclaimer: I have no specialized knowledge in this area.]

There should be a "punch-out" on the side of machine if it allows for a side-vent. See if there's a semi-perforated, 4"-diameter circle on either side of the machine. If it's there, you punch that out and connect your ducting to the vent outlet inside the machine.

Seven inches should be more than enough for a 4" elbow. Why don't you go the periscope route? They're very low-profile, yet still provide adequate flow.

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Thanks -

There appears to be options to side vent. I'm worried that 7" on the side is not enough as the dryer my parents have sticks out 9" when you take into account how much the pipe protrudes from the side, and the width of the elbow.

Going out the back worries me because according to the calculations, I only have 4.25" of space. The install guide says i need at least 5". I guess a periscope would work, but i read that its a less than ideal solution as it can restrict air flow

I really dont want to buy these machines and then realize they dont fit. I guess in the worse situation, i can cut out some of the drywall to make room for the pipes. It would get hidden anyways

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A device such as this may be helpful for your situation.

Recessed Dryer Vent Box

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