LG vs. Kenmore

daamnxJune 19, 2007

We're considering the LG FL steam washer vs. the Kenmore top-of-the-line FL washer with steam dryer. We have heard issues with vibration of the LG on upper floor laundry rooms being an issue, as well as LG repair issues. Any input on their noise and steam wash cycle or Best Buy repair of LG?

We are also considering the new Kenmore FL washer with steam dryer- any input on Sears repairs or on this new model?

Between the two brands- including repairs and reliability- any concerns/praise?


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We're also considering the LG. The LG Tromm in blue is really neat looking. I hope I have the right models listed here for you.
LG WM2688H[WM] vs.
The main difference in the ratings, according to Consumer Reports is that the cycle time for the LG is 70 minutes vs. 105 for the Kenmore. It doesn't specify if that is for a normal cycle or heavy soil. Also, in terms of "gentleness" which they define as, "models that are rated lower are more likely to treat your clothes roughly, causing wear and tear" -- LG is rated "very good" vs. "poor" for the Kenmore. The Kenmore rated "excellent" for washing performance vs. "very good" for the LG. LG rated, "excellent" for enery efficiency vs "very good" for the Kenmore.

Here is what is on consumerreports.org says about the LG and the Kenmore.
LG WM2688H[WM]- Rated 83 overall
"Overall an excellent high-capacity washer with outstanding energy and water efficiency. It offers two optional steam settings: a cycle to moisten clothing to make ironing easier and another that adds steam to boost cleaning performance. This was among the best machines tested at extracting water from clothes with spin speeds up to 1320 rpm. It has an internal water heater. Still you'll find competent front-loading washers without that feature for as little as half the SteamWasher's $1 600 price. We don't have enough survey data for older models to establish a track record for reliability."
Kenmore - Rated 70 overall "Highs
Using the heavy-duty wash cycle, this machine was excellent for both wash performance and water efficiency. It scored very good for energy efficiency. It has a digital readout for time remaining, an end-of-cycle signal, stainless-steel drum, and an extra rinse option. This model is stackable.

It had a fair wash time of about110 minutes during the heavy-duty cycle. It was rough on clothes, and it is very pricey at $1,400.

Bottom Line
Overall, this is a very-good front-loader that is water efficient and excellent at washing clothes. However, it is less energy efficient than some other front-loaders and can be rough on clothes. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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check out the samsung with VRT especially if going upstairs

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I've got the WM2277 which has been repaired 6 times (currently on the 6th repair) in just over 2 years. Parts are a nightmare to get. Everytime it needs to be fixed, the parts are always on backorder.

Before you purchase the machine at Sears, ask the salesperson who is making it for Sears. If it is LG ... run ....

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Kenmore HE5T washer and HE5 dryer.
They are clones of the Whirlpool Duet 9400 washer and 9400 dryer.

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Thanks for the input- I am unsure which kenmore you had compared in consumer reports- also, concern about the repair issues with LG- anyone had any problems with LG as well? Thanks

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If you search this forum enough (I suggest that you do) you will find folks that absolutely, unequivocally, not for all the money in the world would own another piece of "LG crap", "Whirlpool trash", "Bosch manure", and the list could go on and on.
Fact of the matter is they had bad experiences and now every single machine made by that manufacturer is the same. (?)
Every appliance in my house with the exception of the washer and dryer are Whirlpool and they have been flawless for 7+ years (knock on wood) lol.
I replaced my Kenmore TL & dryer w/LG's. I loved the look, performance, features. The FL market is still relatively new here in the US and these models from ALL mftr's have improved over the years. There are some that seem to have inherent problems, there are some that seem to be on the repair bench more than others.
I can tell you this though. I initially purchased the 2277 washer and dryer, I had good installers and during the spin cycle the machine was quiet as a mouse. Decided to upgrade a few weeks later to the 2487 both purchased from BB, this time had the installers from hell! The 2487 during the spin cycle sounded like a F5 tornado!
Once I leveled it properly it was smooth sailing! Cant speak for the other machines as I dont own them, but if the LG is not leveled right it is a beast when it comes to vibration! Performance wise, the machine is a joy to own! Both steam options are remarkable! Very quiet, solidly built, and it goes without saying how gorgeous they are to look at.

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