Ariel Detergent (Mexico) What say you?

mieleformeJune 12, 2011

I'm a huge fan of Persil and still have yet to find anything that lives up to it's performance. However I decided to grab a bag of Ariel today. One load deep and I kinda like it. Since it was not labeled has HE I worried about the suds. I used the same amount as I do Persil and there were no problems, low suds cool! Still to early to tell and I'm on the fence with the sent, but maybe it's not that bad. I know there are endless threads on this detergent but what do you guys think?

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Just today I found Ariel at Wallmart and it's different from the pack I got at the grocery store. This pack says Ariel USA and it is a white powder with blue speckles. The pack I got at the grocery store is a light blue powder with red a dark blue speckles, it even has a warning label stating " Contains Sodium Sulfate, Sodium, Polyphosphate an Alkyl, Ariel Sodium Sulfate". The Ariel USA bag has no of that. What's the difference? How best are these detergents used, for colors or whites, or both?

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Mieleforme, I have not tried Ariel yet, but a Walmart I frequent has the Ariel USA version. The bag says that it contains no phosphates (which are illegal in most if not all states). I was going to try it as I tried and really like FOCA detergent, but I haven't yet. It seemed to have a really strong scent, and I don't really care for that.

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Thanks izeve!

I grabbed a bag of FOCA also, washing whites with it right now. I'm thinking the bag of Ariel that is the real Mexican product is going to be better than the American Wallmart product. The sent doesn't bother me because it's all but gone after the clothes are dry. Even when I neglect to select extra rinsing detergent smells are faint after the wash. Test time!

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I actually picked up a bag of Foca and a bag of Ariel w/ Downey just today. Can any of you comment on how much to use? It didn't come with any sort of scoop (as i got the small 500g bags) and I can't read/understand the label. TIA.

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I used 1/4 cup for a full load in a front load washer. Worked well. I think I liked the true Mexican version better I got from grocer. " Miele lab" is in full swing, test results will follow soon.

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I use 1/3 cup of FOCA for a full load in my front loader (4.2 cf). By a full load I mean that the dry items fill the drum completely and get compacted to 1/2 or 2/3 when wet. The version of FOCA I got has instructions in English and does not contain phosphates.

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Great, thanks for the responses. I think 1/3 cup would be a good starting point for me then, with heavily soiled loads getting 1/2 cup. Mine are also the full mexican version, with phosphates i believe. I also picked up a container of "LA's Totally Awesome Oxygen Cleaner" was really cheap ($1.20 for 16 oz). I'll report back with results.

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i have a bag of ariel and it really smells good but the instructions are in spanish and i can not read spanish can someone pleaes help me..

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