New Bosch dryer does not get hot

maia10312June 16, 2010

Im wondering if this is how the machine is supposed to be. I know they say they use less heat and more air volume to dry clothes, but i cant imagine the extra time its taking is saving any energy. It seems to be only getting a smidge hotter than warm and if i put in a large load the outside dries-after quite a while-and if there is a towel etc in there somewhere, it doesnt dry... anyone else have this experience/is this how its supposed to work/anything i can do??

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Gas or electric?

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Is it the compact Bosch comparable to the US Axxis or a larger model?

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It is a gas vision 300

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Just wondering if this is how its supposed to run??

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Did you clean your vent pipe ALL THE WAY to the outside before you had your new dryer installed? I am just wondering if it's not getting hot because the vent pipe is clogged with lint.

My dryer is always on the "more dry" option. The lowest option seems to leave a little bit of dampness in the pockets.

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