Recessed Lighting in laundry room

monkeymoJune 8, 2010

Does anyone here have recessed lighting in their laundry room and if so do you like it?

How many? We are planning on putting in 6. Our new laundry room will be 9'8" x 10'5" and there is a window.

Do you think 6 is overkill or does it matter? Any other lighting that is better for laundry room?

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My washer and dryer are in the garage, but we happen to have recessed lighting in the garage (previous owners did this).

All the rooms in our house have recessed lighting. I personally think that 6 for the space you are mentioning is overkill. I think you could easily get by with 3 or 4 lights! We use 75 watt bulbs (I think they are halogen?) and they are very bright. Whatever number you decide on, get the dimmer switches- those are great.

I personally prefer lamps, but for areas where I am doing "work", like the kitchen, the recessed lighting is terrific.

Good luck!

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You don't say what size your lights will be, but I think 6 is overkill as well. You may want to check with a lighting specialists for more information and ideas.

Are you planning on using CFL, or better yet, LED bulbs in your 6 recessed lights? Otherwise you will be adding a lot of heat to a very small area if you use incandescent or halogen lights. It will be so hot in there from the lights alone you'll never turn them on.

We have two recessed lights over our kitchen sink and just those two lights increased the temperature by 5-7ðF in that area when they were on. We took out the incandescent bulbs and installed CFL bulbs, which look like regular recessed lights, and no more "heat stroke". The swirly CFL is enclosed in the bulb, so it doesn't look like a CFL. We've also found LED lights at Sam's Club that we now use in several other recessed lights around the house.

CFLs use about 25% of the energy of a standard incandescent bulb. LEDs use 1/50 of the energy of a standard bulb and last 10 times longer than their CFL alternatives. LEDs can last 15 years and NO mercury.


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Our recent remodel of the laundry room added recessed lighting & I love it. We have 3 4" cans for 6.5' X 6.33' with halogen bulbs (I think around 45W bulbs -- contractor purchased & installed). I think it is perfect. I have Whirlpool Duet W/D stacked at one corner with a sink beside it & with leaded glass/frosted window [moderate light]. There are cabinets along the perpendicular wall. I also installed an undercabinet Zeelight for countertop work.

My contractor told me the 3 overhead cans would be too much, but I think it is just right. I specifically wanted one in front of the WD since inside the washer is dark & I like to check the amount of clothes before I measure the soap -- it takes such a small amount to produce too many suds (yes, I use HE). I will probably not use the undercabinet at the same time as the overhead, but it seemed like a small expense while we were doing the work -- as well, I forgot to add electrical outlets & decided to do that under cabinet . . . I will probably use the under cabinet when using the laundry for entertaining staging or for project work.

I was not happy with the "swirling" florescents that are so energy efficient. The delay before coming on drove me nuts, plus the dim at first & getting brighter brothered me. We had replaced all the bulbs in the kitchen recessed prior to renovation since the incandescents burned out so frequently. I am loving the halogen & my 3 have not gotten too hot.

Good luck with your decision!

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Call me crazy BUT I am having a ceiling fan in my laundry room. At the door there will be a recessed light - but in the center I wanted the light/fan. I hang dry alot of my clothes and I think running the fan will speed up the drying. I think it will give me a nice amount of light too.

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I have a very small laundry area and the house was built with 2 recessed lights. I thought it was too bright and only use one.
I recently remodeled my kitchen and it's twice the size of your laundry roon. I have 6 recessed there and that's perfect. I do have a hanging lamp over the sink too. I would think 4 would be plenty for your laundry room.

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Oh a fan, now that is an idea. Might be nice to have that to get the air circulating. Do you have any pics to post?

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Sorry No - I'm just at the electrial wiring stage at my house. My last house I had a large florescent enclosed light and really it gave me a ton of light and I think in 9 years we only changed the bulbs once. But, I just thought since I dont' have forced air heating (I'll have radiant) I might like a fan in there to move the air around.

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