washer/dryer pedestals - Love or Hate?

monkeymoJune 8, 2010

We have LG front loaders. We are moving our laundry from basement upstairs (yeah!). We are planning on getting the pedestals. My DH thinks I am not going to like them, but I think I will.

Anyone here have the pedestals on their fl machines and if so do you love them or hate them?

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We moved into a house 2.5 years ago that came with Bosch FL washer and dryer. I didn't even know the machines were on pedestals until a couple of months ago!

I have no other experience except with top loaders, this is my first set of FL, but I honestly can say I cannot imagine these machines WITHOUT the pedestals! That would be way to far down for me to bend. I don't know how high other FL come, but ours WITH the pedestals come up to me about chest high- I'm just over 5'.

For me, love em.


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The machines would be much too low for me without them and they could be higher (I'm taller). That said, I don't store detergent and such in the pedestals. Defeats the purpose to have to bend and get detergent, spot treatment, dryer sheets, etc. doesn't it? Those stayed in the cabinet above and the pedestal drawers have more occassionally needed items such as extra vacuum cleaner bags, cleaning rags, certain pet items, etc.

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Thanks. I am short but in our current laundry it is such a pain to bend down especially when socks or such get stuck on the top after spin cycle. Our current laundry area is so narrow that you can hardly bend so he was thinking with the space behind it will not be that bad. But I think I am going with getting the pedestals.

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Up until a month ago I had a Maytag FL without a pedestal. I got along fine with it. Then purchased a new Maytag 3000 series with the pedestal and I love it! I can't imagine using the set without the pedestals - I'd really have to bend to get things. If you're considering a pedestal with a drawer, make sure your dryer vents out the back. Our dryer vents through the floor which will not work with a drawer.

Also, my new set is several inches deeper than the old. Not sure if that's true for all brands, but make sure you've got plenty of room.

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My space is pretty tight too. We had been thinking we would stack the W&D to make more room, but the washer dies on us before we could get new cabinets ordered. We decided to get the pedestals and didn't know until they were delivered that they epoxy them to the units. I'm glad we like them on pedestals, because the guy that sold them to us knew we might be taking them off and stacking them and didn't mention anything about that. The pedestals make it easier to reach in, but turning the drum also makes it easier to reach those socks and things -- or to make them fall. ;-)

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One of the reasons we got the LG was it was not as deep as the Duets. There is some variance and if your space is tight, it might make a difference -- especially with things like opening doors, moving the units in and out. The little stuff.

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I cannot even imagine owning a front loader without the pedestals (and the dryer too).

On my last few sets of Miele, and the short lived Electrolux wave touch set, I had the pedestals and LOVE them.

Thinking back to when I first had my old set and Frigidaire front loaders and my first 4 sets of standard size (SMALL) Miele units...I can't believe how much time I spend bending over, or removing laundry on my knees...so I could reach back to get little socks or a small t-shirt.

I would personally, NEVER own a front loader set without the pedestals/drawers. I do not use them for detergent or softener...that would require one to bend down, and drag them up. I keep owner's manuals in them, mesh laundry bags, vacuum bags and other odds and ends in there. Both the washer and dryer drawer are probably 90% empty though.

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I have a Maytag fl set and chose not to get the pedestals. For me, the work surface that is provided by the washer and dryer tops was more important than the bending to pull the clothes into a basket.

When I am doing laundry, I pull the clothes from the washer into a basket, slide the basket to in front of the dryer and dump it in. When they are dry, I pull the clothes into the basket and set it on top on the dryer to fold them.

I wasn't going to purchase the Maytag pedestals but had considered building some custom ones under the machines. For those of you who have pedestals, how do you transfer your clothes from the washer or dryer? Do you put a basket on the floor and pull the clothes into it, as I do?Obviously, you cannot hold a basket in one hand while filling it with wet laundry from the washer with the other, can you?

There are times that I wish I had my set on pedestals but, so far, am glad that I don't.

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I have the pedestals on my Duet FL washer and dryer, and absolutely love them. Prior to this set I had Maytag front loaders without the pedestals, and didn't like it at all. I'm glad my pedestals are bolted on. I sure wouldn't like the epoxy thing. I like things versatile.

I store mesh laundry bags, manuals, small items like spot cleaners, cleaning rags, and such in them.

busybme, I have my washer and dryer side by side (like most people), and when I unload the washer I just reach in and grab the clothes, moving sideways into the dryer. I do try to remember to have a laundry basket under the washer door for the few items that might want to fall on the floor while doing this. Very few actually fall, but when they do it's usually something white:)

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Love them. I feel they ARE overpriced, but I'd buy them again. I think stooping and pulling heavy wet clothes out would kill my back. Mine were one of the first ones, so they are a tad shorter than the new ones. I'd love mine to be taller.


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thought i could do without then but the machines wer just too low for my bad back...so we ended up getting them...so far the only thing i store in them are paper towels, lol...

oh i do as one poster suggested..pull the drawer out when removing clothes from washer since they tend to get so jumbled together and fall out...better than landing on the floor!

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My Duet pedestals have a sort of thing in the drawer to set your laundry basket on so when you empty the washer and/or dryer, the basket is higher and closer to the opening.

Also, after this years massive rains and floods, I'm glad we got pedestals. Our machines are in the basement, and if we ever get water, at least I know our machines are 18" higher than the ground and protected.

We keep car towels underneath the washer and rags and microfiber cloths underneath the dryer. I have a hanging wire shelf above the machines for all my detergents, oxy, etc.

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In our new laundry room,I was worried about the space I would lose on top of the dryer because that is used often now, but we are going to get one of those chrome rolling laundry baskets with hanging rod...so I won't need the top of the dryer. I will also have counter space to the right of the dryer.

I also do not like the price. We have LG fl's so we will be purchasing the LG pedestals.

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I can't comment on pedestals, as my husband built ours for our new house (we have not moved yet). But, when I was at Sears last night, I saw multiple sets of pedestals that were returned our closed out for $50 a piece and in brand new condition. If I would have known, we probably would have just bought those! But, $500 seemed ridiculous to my contractor hubby who could just build them instead. Anyways, hopefully somebody here can cash in on some of those!! Or for a somebody who is handy or has a handy man/woman, $100 could build you some very nice and very sturdy wooden pedestals as well!

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I'm a no pedestal gal. ;) We are about to install a countertop over ours for a place to fold laundry while still in the laundry room. The countertop would be too tall with pedestals.

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We've had our new Samsung 419 W/D pair for about 10 days now, and since they didn't send the right bolts to attach the pedestal to the dryer I have the washer on a pedestal and the dryer much lower (temporarily). I CAN'T WAIT for the dryer to get raised up to the same level as the washer! It's soooo much more convenient.

What I'm trying to figure out, though, and that I haven't seen addressed here on this board, is how to solve the problem of a second floor install with an overflow pan under the washer, causing the lip of the pan to interfere with the pedestal drawer opening. I've already got the anti-vibration pads installed, but need another 1/4 to 3/8" to clear the edge. Should I just extend all the legs more or put a board in the bottom of the pan, or what? I can't imagine I'm the only one with this problem!

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