Show me your Laundry Chute Catchers

singingmickiJune 21, 2011

I have a laundry chute going from my upstairs into a corner cabinet of my laundry room. The upper part of the cabinet will catch dirty clothes, and the lower part will be storage.

I'm looking for ideas to keep the dirty clothes from falling on me when I open the door. I've seen a net idea, but I'm wondering what other good ideas there are out there.

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Can you modify a dumb waiter to be integrated as the hopper within the upper cabinet that can be lowered underneath the cabinet to the countertop level? Obviously, the dumb waiter would not be traveling floor-to-floor, but have limited travel from upper cabinet to countertop. Design the chute portion to sleeve "inside" the dumb waiter's hopper to prevent the catching of clothes on the hopper edges.

Since you do not give floor-to-ceiling or upper-to-lower cabinet heights all the above is pure speculation on my part, but you get the idea. However, going to that extent only leads me to have the chute drop to a hopper that is ground level to begin with. You have netting sides for the ceiling-to-hooper span or a false upper cabinet front with netting from beneath to the hopper. Put the hopper on wheels to facilitate easy hopper movement. The hopper can be designed as a false lower cabinet (with wheels) too.

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Hi Farenheit, Thanks for the feedback. I don't think I put enough info into my OP.

It's a 10' ceiling, and the cabinet is floor-to-ceiling. The upper cabinet goes from the ceiling to 57" from the floor. I should mention that I'm only 5'2", so it's quite a reach to the back of this 24" cabinet.

The door opens to the side, and I would like to slant the back so the clothes slide toward the front when they fall into the cabinet. Since they will be pushed forward some, I'd like some kind of barrier (like a net or something) to keep them from falling out onto me when I open the cabinet door.

Do you have any other ideas besides a net for managing the clothes "fallage?" Or an idea of how to attach a net to the cabinet for it to be secure yet easy enough to open.

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Can you keep a laundry basket in there? I would think with all the variety out there there would be one that fits inside your cabinet nicely. Or keep a basket in the place where the clothes fall and you just duck when you open the door. Or open the door with a long-handled item. Garden stores or home improvement centers have a variety of long-handled tools that you could browse to assist you in removing the last sock from the far reaches of the cabinet. Sort of like Chicken Little's sky hook! Or one of those telescoping picker-uppers sold for invalids or wheel-chair bound people.

There a lots of basket alternatives at Container Store. Here's one that may work for you since it's flexible and comes in 2 sizes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crunch can (laundry hamper)

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A basket in the cabinet is a good, simple idea. Oh, the simple solutions that don't come to mind when you're in the middle of building a house!!!

Thanks for the feedback.

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