How much Sears Powder Detergent to use in Samsung HE machine?

nostalgicfarmJune 13, 2010

I have a Samsung 4.5 cubic foot front-loader washer. I picked up some of the Sears HE powder detergent and am not sure how much of a scoop to use for a "normal" load? Please advise how much you use.


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In my Miele, 4.0 cubic foot washer, I use 1.5 scoops (the little scoop that comes with the Sears powder detergent). If the load is pretty large, or I feel more soiled than normal...I have used 2 full scoops with perfect results. Sears powder detergent is very, very low sudsing and the smell is almost non-existent. While not as good, IMO, as my über-belived Persil Color is a very good detergent at a phenomenal price!!!

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I am surprised it would take that much. I just assumed that it would be about half, not the same as a regular washing machine. But I have two preschoolers at home and a baby due very soon, so "more soiled than normal" probably describes all my kids clothing :) Maybe I should've gotten the 275 load box instead of the 125 load box!
I am curious if others with large capacity machines also use this amount. Thanks!

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I have Whirlpool Duets...I use 1 1/2 to 2 scoops depending on the load and soil level. Also, we have hard water, so more is necessary. I also used to add Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to soften the water on occasion when I used Charlie's Soap. I haven't needed to use it with the Sear's powder.

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Wow, it sounds like people are using a lot more than me. I have a 4.3 cubic feet samsung, and use 1/2 a scoop for a 'normal' load, since the box says only 1/2 a scoop is needed for front loaders.... but my household has no kids, so clothes are hardly ever soiled for me to judge if stains are coming out. Hmmm I wonder if I'm supposed to be using more.

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My washer is not Samsung -- it's a Maytag Bravos HE washer, 4.6 cu ft capacity.

Because I normally wash large (full) loads, I normally use 1 scoop -- IIRC, 1 scoop is recommended for an HE washer, and 2 scoops are recommended for a traditional washer.

I bought mine 2 years ago, in big buckets, so the formulation may be different now.

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