Speed Queen FL Owners....

twobellesJune 12, 2014

....can you give me some insight into these machines? I am considering my third set of machines within six years. The previous two sets of FL's were fails. (One LG, one Samsung.) I went to a local dealer to look into a SQ TL, but the owner also had a set of SQ FL's on the floor and he is a big fan of them. I'm wondering specifically whether any owners of SQ FL's could compare their performance to previously owned FL's of another brand based on personal experience (for example, perhaps like me you were not impressed with front loaders in general, but now have a SQ set that you love). TIA!

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I had one at an old house and I let it transfer with the house. I really regret that. It did a great job washing (although I think that's the case with all machines when used correctly and in working order). Build quality was top notch, no repairs ever. If you ever do need help, though, or have questions, phoning Speed Queen will not put you through to a clueless underpaid customer service rep. It will put you straight through to someone at the factory in Ripon, Wisconsin who knows what they're talking about. The primary business for these people is commercial laundry, they don't mess around. Similarly, as you can tell if you've seen one of these machines, they also don't mess around when it comes to the physical design of the machines. They look very utilitarian, and don't have many cycles, options, or features. That could be a deal breaker if you care about that stuff. I've had a lot of front loaders, including the Maytag Neptune, Whirlpool Duet, and LG, and while I could write pages and pages comparing and contrasting them, I'll keep it short and just say Speed Queen was the best. And for the price, it better have been.

Just curious, how were your previous 2 sets of FLs fails? Performance issues, or repair issues? Although I understand your frustration I wouldn't lose faith in FLs completely, remember that these are used in laundromats all over the place and this is the only type of machine they have in Europe. Although the machines have had their shortcomings I've overall been happy with all the front loaders I've owned (though some more than others). If the design were inherently flawed, they wouldn't have made it this far.

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Hi hvtech42, thanks for the response! My first set were top of the line LG's from about six years ago. They were a stretch budget-wise, and in hindsight that's probably part of my disappointment. Like you, I transferred them with a house sale at about a year old. The second set I currently own. The best thing I can say about them is that they were half the price of the first pair. We have had numerous small issues with them, but it has become extremely frustrating that NO ONE in this town wants to repair them. And by town, I mean one of the largest cities in the US. I was told by more than one repair service that it costs them too much to warranty the work on Samsungs because something is always going wrong with them and because the parts are always backordered and then customers get frustrated with them for the delay. So, they just quit servicing samsung. After several repairs in the $200-250 range, we are facing another $400 repair and are thinking of just cutting our losses.

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