need help decorating front entrance

kimbo_gardenerMay 13, 2010

I have a small covered front porch with 2 steps that connect directly to a sloped "driveway".

My issue is the slight slope of the drive (when I try to put a pot on each side for symmetry, the pots slant. Also, a gutter on each side of the entry (which I have tried to hide one side with ivy). I think it looks messy and I can't seem to find the right balance.

I am a newbie and will upload pictures as soon as I can figure it out. I hope this will help you help me!

Image link:

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Also, I can send more pictures, but it appears I can only upload one?

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You can post more than one. Just add a picture as you did; leave a space and then copy and paste the URL of the next photo you wish to add.

But bring this picture over to the Discussion side. You'll get more activity over there.

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