Where and what to use as side tables

hope_2008May 5, 2009

I need some design assistance please. We have 2 leather chairs around our fireplace with bookshelves behind them. They face the couch on the opposite end of the room that has a coffee table next to the couch. My issue is that people who sit on the couch have the coffee table to put their drinks on but the people who sit on the chairs end up holding their drinks. I am not sure how to pair end tables e.g should it be 1 end table like an ottoman right in the middle of the chairs (but that will hide the nice fireplace view from the couch though :( ...) or 2 side tables next to each chair and if so on which sides and should they be the same? Maybe I should get nesting tables so that they can be moved around? Thanks for your help in advance.

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I'd probably place a small, round pedestal table by each chair so that the view of the FP wouldn't be blocked. It would be nice for guests to have table surface on which to set their drinks.

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I think if you are not using the fireplace, I would set a round commode table there, between them, move them closer together. Get one with some bulk to it and you can also place a plant upon it, perhaps one that has a door that opens and closes (but is obscured)or one that has openings where you can tuck magazines or whatever away.

If, however, it is not large enough to accommodate drinks you could have a thick piece of glass cut round or square to set atop it.

You should be able to find such a table in many of the consignment or second hand stores, as the people who are in love with the lackluster ramshackle junk a/k/a furniture coming into our harbors in great steamers, the tasteless soulless are abandoning their parents and grandparents wonderful furniture en masse to consignment stores, flea markets, tag and yard sales.

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