White Pearl Quartzite (In MA)

ELem77January 23, 2012

Hi All!

I know there are several members with White Pearl Quartzite installed in their kitchens.

Consensus on how they hold up? I tested a piece and got some staining with Tumeric and oil but nothing else penetrated. I have a piece tagged for a very long run of countertop, in a narrow kitchen.

The kitchen doesn't have abundant light. And has low ceilings... ;( hoping to brighten and warm up with creamy white shaker cabinets and glass doors. I do find the White Quartzite piece we tagged very cool in its tone.

I thought we might get a warmer feeling if it was honed. Any feedback greatly appreciated! I am holding the job up while I deliberate over this decision... Many thanks! LM

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After very careful selection and templating, one of the two slabs of white pearl quartzite broke in the fabricators truck on the way to install!He will replace but anyone in MA know where we might find a new batch of white quartzite to check out? There are two small slabs from the same batch left at Elemar North, but I suspect they are the blotchy pieces I saw a few months ago. In the hopes of not getting further behind in our renovation, I am casting a wider net this time. Thanks! Linda

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Hi, Linda, did you find and install the White Pearl Quartzite? I saw some at Elemar North today and really like it, but I want to know first if it will etch or stain. Thanks!

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No problems at all with the White Quartzite with staining or etching! It's beautiful and has held up perfectly so far. We used the installer recommended by EleMar North. He did apply a sealant. Good luck!

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That's great to hear! Which fabricator did you use? How much per square foot did it end up costing? Can I see a picture of your kitchen? I feel like this is too good to be true...

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Here's the info. Fabricator was Leo Chantre, Stone Projects in Woburn. 781-939-9944. Sales person at Elemar was Bob Breton. He is a straight shooter. Easy to deal with. I visited the stone yard many times. Answered all my anxious questions. In the end, I didn't end up getting a second estimate from another fabricator. Battle weary from looking and renovation, I guess... I had priced out several other materials and then just went for this one.

Price. Gulp. We needed 44sq ft. Cut from from two slabs. (One very long run with two sinks). Total cost was approx. $6500. 00.

The white quartzite is bright and beautiful -- except for the slab breaking in transport from Leo's shop to my house--in my experience it's been a very low stress, maintenance free, counter surface.

(Bob and Leo worked very hard to provide as many choices to replace as they had...Leo might have a large piece left over at his shop from the huge slab that cracked and this could be very cost effective if you could work with. He bought that piece, as it were.) Bob Breton moved several more stones to Leo's shop, at his own expense, and we started all over with templating... It is a very hard but brittle stone. Not easy to work with for the fabricator!

Recommend eased edges to prevent any chipping. Worth the effort to find this stone. The countertop is my favorite part of our entire home renovation! (Ok, still dragging on in the basement, but thats another thread entirely.) Might take me a while to figure out how to upload photos or I can send to you via email if you are in more of a hurry. Let me know.

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Oh, no, I'm afraid it's going to be out of my reach after all. I need nearly 80 sq. ft.! I would love to see pictures - you can email me off-list. I will check with some fabricators anyway in case the price won't be quite as bad as I fear.

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