Samsung Steam washer problem already

mike_73June 6, 2011

Ok I was loving this machine but now after just 2 months I noticed a problem, over the weekend i was doing wash and running around redoing my first floor apartment. I was in the basement fishing out some tools when the washer was spinning out the wash water to go in to a rinse and the drum was way out of balance banging both sides of the cabinet. It did stop and do something to get back in line but I find that not good for a new machine to be doing that. the load was towels on sanitary. then later it did it again on a comforter with the bedding cycle.

I called best buy today they told me that didn't seem right either. I was very concerned since my Frigidaire self destructed that way in the final high speed spin.

Any one else have an issue like this?

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I've had my Samsung pair for almost 2 years now with not a problem. At times when it starts spinning and is off balance, it slows down, and kind of re-adjusts itself and continues the spin cycle. Samsung front-loader apparently has something called VRT (vibration reduction technology) that is "supposed" to reduce the vibration. I think a call to Samsung is in order. Maybe this is an obvious/dumb question, but is your washer sitting level?

I know these machines are getting a bad reputation on this forum, but so far I've found mine to work superbly. The only thing that annoys me is the 3 hour wash cycle if you select all the options (steam, sanitize, prewash, extra hot water, extra rinse, extra high speed spin, etc).

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thanks Joyce

I did call best buy since I paid for the black tie service, which is contracted out. the guy tried to come last tuseday when I was at work and they only work until 4pm I work until 4:30 so I have to have them out when I am off on fridays or take a day off... bummer and he never called to see when I would be home.
the machice is level and on cement floor. I can't shake it at all but the thing does its banging if I do towels or a comforter. it shakes from the top to the pedistal, while the pedistal remains solid on the floor. I even checked the legs when it was doing that they are not boncing at all.

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