anything we're missing on laundry centers?

AussieBenJune 8, 2013

Hi all

We're in the process of planning our renovation, and intend to install a laundry closet. We're leaning towards one of the one-piece laundry centers (dryer over top-load washer) - most likely the 2.5 capacity Whirlpool with a gas dryer.

Does anyone have any experience with these? My wife is pretty committed to the top-loading washer that comes with a laundry centre (as opposed to stackable front-loading washer and dryer). But if there are significant downsides that we're missing (either with the laundry center as a whole, or Whirlpool in particular), then I'd rather know now than later!

Thanks all


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Your wife must be fond of antiques :) Those LC's have been around forever. I had a 30+ year old one in my house that I replaced with a Whirlpool FL stacked set 5 years ago. Believe me, there is no comparison.

The LC's are old, old, old. Sears uses them as a bait and switch item in their ads because they are cheap. Small capacity, noisy and hard on the clothes.

Certainly, buy your wife want she wants. We want her to be happy. But she might be a lot happier with a stacked FL set :)

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