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3fiversJune 4, 2012

WE are looking for a new washer and are finding some of the new ones have very short, (almost as if no agitator. We talked to a dealer and he said that the machines like that don't clean the clothes very well at all. He does not even push to sell them. Anyone with any help on this?



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I see you're new....welcome.

This topic has been frequently discussed here for a number of years. Suggest using the "search" function. You'll find lots of previous discussion.

Basically, the entire country has gone HE (High Efficiency) and "Energy Star" rated. That's the why of the difference you described compared with years ago. The opinions about how well they work are all over the map, as you will see when you search.

There is one remaining manufacturer of "old tech" top loading washers with agitator. That would be Speed Queen. Pretty much like you may remember the bullet-proof Maytags of two decades ago used to be. No computers. All analog/mechanical. Even in this high-tech, high-efficiency, Energy-Star world, owners/users give it very high praise everywhere I look. I don't own one, so I don't know. I've seen them in showrooms. They look solid to me. Still not cheap. About $800.00.

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I have now owned my Speed Queen top load washer and dryer for two months now. It is absolutely the best washing machine I have ever owned (and I've owned quite a few over the years).

I can fit a king sized bedspread in it and it still moves freely, but not a king sized quilt. Other than that I can fit the same amount of towels, etc. in the Speed Queen as I could my Whirlpool Duet. Everything is fresh, clean, and well rinsed. It spins towels out just as dry as my Duet did.When you select hot water that is what you get...straight hot water.

I make a lot of quilts, so I'm going to go ahead and add a new Whirlpool front loader to my laundry room just for those or chair cushions. I could keep the old Duet going, but I want something new in my new house. I've never minced words here about my basic dislike for front loaders after owning two different brands,but I don't want to go to the laundromat either. We have kitties so I have to wash our quilts frequently.The Speed Queen front loader will not fit a king quilt or I would get a Speed Queen.

If washing large quilts is not an issue with you then a Speed Queen top load washer is a wonderful machine.

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I have the new LG top loaders with no agitator. It does a fantastic job of cleaning. I use it in a vacation rental so it gets seriou hard use and has held up very well. My cleaning service uses the pair once a week to wash towels and linens for ten guests ten beds and a ton of towels. They come out really clean and the dryer is fantastic too as they only have four hours to do it all.

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Fisher & Paykel's EcoSmart agitator machine can operate in a semi-HE mode (with a low-water shower rinse) or with a water-guzzling standard agitated rinse. Their wash action is designed to reduce energy usage but is still a deep-fill agitated wash. All cycles except Perm Press (Regular, Heavy, Delicate, and Allergy) begin the wash period by filling at the selected temperature (there are FIVE temps) with a small amount of water to saturate the clothes and create a concentrated detergent solution which is then showered over the load (via the machine's pump) for approx 3 to 4 mins while the basket rotates at 25 RPM. The machine then fills to a normal water level (auto-sensed or 5 manual selections) with cold water for an agitated wash. A programming option allows a full-fill hot wash when desired.

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My Maytag Bravos HE toploader has been a great washer. It does everything I need it to do, extremely well. It has its own internal water heater, so that I can have true hot or warm water when I need it. And its huge capacity enables me to wash even king-size comforters and sleeping bags with no problem at all.

OP, if you buy a current washer, even if it's a TL with an agitator, it may not give you true hot water unless it has an internal water heater. If you want or need to wash in true hot water, this is something to be aware of. HTH

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I just bought a Speed Queen top loader. It is awesome, entire backload finished in 4 hours. The old Maytag literally leaked, overflowed, burnt up and anything else that could go wrong on the first load. So basically 2 weeks done in less time than 1 used to take. Can't speak highly enough - surpassed all my expectations.

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Two appealing characteristics of the Speed Queen "old tech" machine is that the full-cycle time is about 35 minutes (just like mom's old Maytag) and it's really simple to use. As with the old Maytag, my hired care-givers wouldn't have to learn anything new and they could get a couple loads finished in their limited time without my having to finish the job later.

I'm very pleased with my 2005 Duet at another location, but it's cycle-times are, indeed, longer and one does have to learn exactly how it works for best results. At that location, the larger capacity is a great help and the time doesn't matter.

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