Colour for Roof and Wood Siding?

KELLY1234March 30, 2012


I am new to the forum and seeking advice from the experienced members! We recently moved to a home about 23 yrs old. It is a waterfront property that sits on 4 1/2 acres of woods on the outskirts of a rural community near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We want to have a rustic cabin/cottage feel to it. The front of the home faces South.

We are going to put on a steel roof this summer and refinish the wood siding. Right now it is in horrible condition: very dried out and moldy in places. Given the state of the siding we are thinking that a semi-transparent stain or a solid colour stain would be best because we don't know how good we will be able to get the discolouration out of the wood when we clean and strip it. I am looking for colours for the roof and siding to go with the brick work on the bottom half of the house. Hopefully my pictures show things well (as you can see it started snowing again...) I did not alter the pictures with any editing since it can change colours. The brick on the bottom half of the house has peach and yellow tones as well as a little bit of grey and red.

Any advice greatly appreciated because I am at a loss!



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