Why does FL tangle & twist towels?

beanwabrJune 1, 2008

This has happened twice now with my month old Bosch Nexxt 300. I've had to stop/pause, open door and undo the terrible, soppy mess. Am I loading my washer incorrectly or something? I've been just tossing piece by piece in---is that wrong? That's the way I've been doing it and for the most part everythings ok. But today (and the other time) when I stopped in to check on it, I noticed that the drum was spinning awfully slow and that's when I realized that I had to remedy it.

Also, I know this is a high efficiency machine, but there is only a very, very small amount of water (maybe an inch or so) and I thought it should be somewhat more than what I saw. When I've been to the laundromat in the past, there is visible water in the lower portion of the machine; could this possibly have an effect on what's going on with mine? I appreciate any comments and suggestions. Thanks a bunch!

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I thought I was reading my message!

I have the same exact problem! I have a Whirlpool Duet 9200, they have replaced it just on May 6th from tangle problem. It does it also.

I have a severe tangle "Braiding" of anything that has arms & legs mostly, but towels also they get to where they wont balance and spin, so ya you have to pause the machine and untangle everything so it will spin.

The water thing I think has alot to do with it! there isnt enough water!

But to fix the problem I have no idea.

I also have a soap issue with the towels, since there isnt enough water, it cant rinse the soap out. I noticed it about 6 months into using it, the tech mentioned that there was way too much soap in it and he asked if I was using the HE soap, I use 1/2 TABLESPOON tide he. I have not used any soap since April 1st. thats right April 1st in my towels and they are still sudsy. I had too shut down my soft water system to get the soap out.

Good Luck ! Im still fighting.

I hope you can get it fixed, let us know.

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I have this happen when I sort the towels/slacks/long sleeved shirts and do NOT semi fold them and then place the 'stack' in the washer... when I take the "old" approach to sorting and just make piles of laundry and then pick up the pile and toss it in my boxch 500 machine... then I will get a tangled load...

I have found IF I take the time when sorting to SEMI fold the towels, slacks, and long sleeved tops/shirts into stacks... and then pick up a stack and set it int he washer drum... I have no problems...

it takes a bit longer to do the sorting... but typically the only time I deal with tangling or off balance is if I skip this... so it's become much more routine now...

basicaly I will fold the towels in halfs or quarters depending on their size... pants I fold the two legs lengthwise and then fold at the knees, and tops I fold in half neck to hem... with the sleeves folded inside .. seems to really help with the tangling problem... IF I have tons of tops I will do them with the sleeves INSIDE the top... to help keep them from wrapping...

The problem I have is those attached strips on tops or dresses that tie... they wrap around everything... and both my girls love clothes wiuth them attached!... I try to keep only one of those per load and thet helps a lot!

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Never have those in my FL!? @.@"

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Both the Bosch Nexxt and the Duet have slanted drums and that type of machine seems to create more reports of tangling than true horizontal FLs. I've been washing with the latter for many years and I have tangles perhaps a dozen times per year despite doing about 1500 loads annually. It may be inherent in the design of the large, slanted, drum machines. If the problem is particularly troubling, you might try reducing the size of your loads by half and see if that cures the problem (if not then reduce again). Then begin to increase until it reappears.

For items that have long tangle-y ties or sashes, try putting them in the largest size of those zipped lingerie bags.

I also find loads that are mostly one kind of item of the same size are more tangle-prone, so I try to have mixed loads where possible. However, I wash six or eight loads a week that contain only towels, and can't recall having a tangle problem on them.

Don't worry about the small amount of visible water - that's exactly how they are supposed to operate. Laundromat machines FLs are different from the HE home machines.


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