dcarch7June 27, 2013

Shoprite (NY), chicken wings, $0.90 a lb *

Buy some, 7/4th is coming.


*Disclaimer: I am not the owner of Shoprite :-)

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Great deal. Wish I could buy fresh chicken wings for $.90 lb. Chicken wings here are expensive.


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Blame your price ann_t on Buffalo Wings. So wildly popular but to me it is just an excuse to suck hot sauce, no nutritional value that I can discern. Chicken wings, IMHO, are for the stock pot.

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I think the re-invention/repurposing of chicken wings is one of the greatest marketing coups of the 21st century.

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Do't cook wings a lot, but when Perdue "wingettes" are at a good price, will them up. They're BIG and already cut. I usually oven bake them... FAST and FURIOUS, to get a good crisp on them.

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