Trane vs Amana

tncraftOctober 22, 2011

I know nothing about either Trane or Amana. We're currently building and our GC is recommending Amana. He said he used to install Trane, but is now staying away from it because of issues his customers are having.

Any thoughts or advice? Or do you recommend another brand?

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What is location?

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We're building in TN.

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You will get varying opinions.

Heat pump or nat gas/AC systems?

Trane is a top tier company. I would want to know the issues your GC says his customers are having. Amana is sister company of Goodman which is known more for price than quality. Amana has a good warranty.

What are you looking for? You are the boss not your GC!

Post back.


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Don't buy Amana, it's throw-away Hvac! It's made by Goodman Mfg. & they push it a lot in my area (NorCal). You can buy that equipment online & have it shipped to your house. Anyone can sell it to you, so you don't even have to be a reputable Hvac dealer to buy or install it. Your GC is recommending that stuff cause he can buy it cheap & mark-it way up to you. Go with American Standard/Trane (Same Company), the difference in the equipment is night & day! Remember you always get what you pay for in Construction. Good luck on your new home........

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It's natural gas.

OK. I'll ask the GC more about his customer issues.

What am I looking for? Quality and reliability with a great filtration system. More specific? Like previously stated, I know nothing about HVAC so I don't really know how to compare 2 products to see which is more reliable, has higher quality and filtration system.

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What are your typical winters and summers like?

What is your nat gas rate? Your electric rate? Does electric utility offer any any special rate incentive for heat pump heating?

While you will get varying opinions, I think a good 4-5" pleated filter media cabinet MERV 10-12 is more than adequate for 99.9% of homeowners. Easy changeout, no electricity, no maintenance, no ozone. Trane's Clean Effects is an EAC but you best have a full understanding of homeowner's maintenance and cleaning schedule.


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I would stay away from amana.... We used to set a lot of it because the warranty was so good. but it only covers parts unless you purchase labor warranty. I had to stare alot of angry customers in the face when there evap coils were leaking in 2 to 3 years and labor wasn't covered. we had several other problems with motors made overseas going out because of no oil in them. not something you want in your dream house.

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I installed amana in Dec 2010 having nothing but problems. this is the fourth time it is not working in less than a year. My sister installed a trane about six months before I installed mine and she hasn't had a problem. Stay away from amana Model no. apg154911541aa that's the one I have.

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