My granite is in!

fishymomJanuary 31, 2014

My Magma Gold (Sedna) granite was installed this morning! I am so excited, it was supposed to be installed on Feb. 14th, but a change of schedule allowed them to do it today. I can't stop looking at it, I love it so much! The wall cabinets will be installed tomorrow, but the microwave drawer cabinet and dishwasher end panel won't be in until the 12th, so I still have a ways to go before completion. But this is progress!!!

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This is my favorite piece!

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Looks very nice!

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Beautiful! Love the flowy look of it. Congrats!

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That is beautiful! I like your backsplash too.

I don't believe I've ever heard the words "they were able to put it in 2 weeks early" before!

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Thank you, I still can't believe it is in! We are in South Florida and have had a lot of rain that must have put one of there other jobs off schedule, lucky for me! Annkh, I love my old backsplash too, but I am soon to be a member of the ABB club. I need to find something that will work well with my wall cabinets, which are the mushroom color of the hood.

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I'm confused; your BS look good with that lovely, flowing granite.

Another S Fl person here. I don't know if you access my e-mail, but curious who were your wonderful fabricators (that came early)

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we have that granite also and i still love it after 2 and half years...!!!!

just a thought, how about the granite as your BS...we did it on our cooktop wall it was the best decision and looks awesome!! no grout to worry about and honestly, nothing can compare to Sedna as your BS, its just that gorgeous!!!

on our other wall, we put 6x6 travertine tiles... i felt we needed something "rough" to contrast the granite and we
are very pleased with the result... if u email me i can send some pics to u directly...i just can never get it right to post pics here :(

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Bookworm, the tumbled marble is the backsplash that we put in 5 years ago. We had a 4 inch granite backsplash at the bottom that was removed with the old granite, so we have to replace the noce backsplash. We didn't have time to remove the old tiles since the install got moved up so quickly, but it is coming out tomorrow. I am going to try to email you with the fabricator info!

Sprtphntc, we didn't have enough granite to do behind the range. We bought 1 very large slab and were able to get 61 sq ft from it, but there was very little extra. I would love to see your photos, I will try to email you also!

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Really lovely granite! I can understand why you're thrilled...and a few weeks early to boot! How often does THAT happen?

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Lovely! The hood color looks beautiful with it. Please post some more pics after the uppers go in.

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