front load lg washer drain error please help

overlandmanJune 16, 2014

Okay after looking through the forum haven't found this yet.
my wife and I bought a set of fancy LG front loaders off CL and the guy told us they were 2 months old.. but for some reason he can't find his receipt and looks like we have been hosed� not cool dude.

the model number is wm2650hwa its front loading LG washing machine.

the first load it drained most of the water.
Second doesn't drain it at all.
its stops half way through and says OE
So we checked the drain filter in front and almost flooded our house but it was clean. all the hoses in the back are fine.

does any one know what I should do to fix it?

also the gasket boot that between the door is definatley not how its suppose to look. almost looks melted. but I don't want to fix it and then find out thats not the reason its not draining.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated! thank you!

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I couln't find the service manual for this exact washer (at least not for free) but try to google

LG WM2501H Washer Repair Manual.pdf

This model looks very similar.


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Ok thank you Alex! I am going to take apart the washer tonight and hopefully figure this thing out!

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Call your local better business office. They will help you. I have used them twice and the problem was promptly fixed.

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