TIde Ultra HE with a Touch of Downy

covingtoncatJune 25, 2011

Was excited to finally see this on the shelves at my local store, so I bought a box, thinking I would have a return to the original downy smell I miss so much.

Well, boy was I WRONG! This stuff smells like fruity pebbles, not the old downy smell I was hoping for. I had read somewhere (I thought this forum) that the dryer sheets and powdered detergent would retain the old downy scent. YMMV, but I thought I would pass along my experience.

Seriously, I'm wearing one small undergarment that I washed yesterday and I keep asking myself, What is that fruity smell? Oh wait, it must be me."


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Yes, but for some reason the Tide liquid he with a touch of Downy still smells like the old, original April Fresh Downy. I am loving the liquid!

P & G better really swallow their pride, and just admit they made a HUGE f---ing mistake! April Fresh Downy reeks now. There is like 1000+ reviews on the Downy.com website trashing the "new" April Fresh Downy.

If I just use he Tide liquid with a touch of Downy, do not do a 3rd rinse (no sensitive option) and use no fabric softener...I can get my clothes to smell classically April Fresh!

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It's time for a Downy "Classic" :)

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I used Downy for years and years, then tried Snuggle because I could get a huge container for less than $10 at my favorite warehouse store. I *love* Snuggle's scent! It reminds me of the classic Downy scent. Even if it didn't, I'd use it because of its price. :)

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FYI - Tide w/ Downy is basically the same formulation as Tide Total Care (with silicone polymer softeners and chlorine neutralizer) but also contains OBAs. This version of Tide also contains Cellulase, an enzyme missing in other Tide formulations (except Total Care - it has Cellulase). Cellulase smooths clothing fibers and reduces pills and "fuzz" on garments.

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According to Tide Total Care website, that product also contains OBAs.

I am really enjoying using the Cheer Powder detergent, but so far my favourite American soap is Tide he liquid with a Touch of Downy. If my family wasn't bringing me a sh*t load of German soap from Germany in Sept, I would buy a huge bottle or 2 of Tide with Downy. It works really great and the smell is awesome!!!

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@ larsi

This is the ingredients list directly from the Tide web site - there are no optical brighteners listed.

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Have you guys seen a small bottle of liquid HE Tide w/Downy? The smallest I can find around here is 100 oz. I would like to try it, but don't want to get stuck with another large sized mistake.

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@ covingtoncat

If you have extra detergent that you would like to get rid of, please consider donating it to your local animal shelter. They will be very appreciative.

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@ S-stava: Do you know if they take liquid dishwashing detergent? I bought some of Costco's eco-friendly stuff and DH thinks it smells like cat pee. Its hard enough to get help with after meal clean-up without that, sigh.....

I will still use the powdered tide, but just not on MY clothing. Other family members laundry is ok.

Looking forward to trying the persil/vaska combo you mentioned. Love Sandalwood scent.

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