LG white + Ikea Abstract high-gloss white photos:

studio460June 1, 2013

I just visited a local BestBuy toting an Ikea Abstrakt high-gloss white drawer front, and my Nikon D3s, plus a small Nikon SB-600 Speedlight (on-board flash). Surprisingly, the LG is pretty white. Under the weird metal-halide industrial lighting used in BestBuy stores, none of the brands appear "white." To the naked eye, under same lighting, the LGs appear to have the tiniest bit of red in them, while the Samsungs appear to have the very slightest amount of yellow. I was able to confirm this (but only barely) in a photo editing application where I can see relative RGB values in the captured images. But, happily, the LG is pretty darned white, despite what it looks like in the store.

My selected exposure overrided most of the ambient light present, so the image was lit primarily by my daylight-color temperature (5,600-degrees, Kelvin) on-board flash--the camera's white balance was set to "electronic flash." No color-correction was applied in post:

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A closer view (LG is on the left; Samsung, on the right):

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I must say, it's a huge relief to see images of my chosen brand, photographed with a known light source, confirm what is often hugely difficult to tell by eye, especially under odd-spectrum, in-store lighting. This is a small consolation for deciding against the otherwise beautiful (but, reportedly, off-white) Asko appliances.

While I initially presumed this was going to be an impossible, and ultimately disappointing task (matching different manufacturers' whites), I'm actually astonished at how incredibly, and surprisingly well Ikea's white matches LG's. A digital camera, and an on-board flash helped greatly in assessing the presence of any color mis-match. Note that deliberate under-exposure preserved all color data--overexposure would have yielded clipped values, with no information.

After a final back-and-forth among competing brands, we did, again, decide on the 24" LG combo washer/dryer in white, and are now able to proceed with our initial Ikea design choice (Abstrakt high-gloss white), without further concern. Happily, since taking those pictures this afternoon, I've been able to spec-out our entire Ikea order.

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