Ariston Washer/Dryer combo - wrinkling problem

skymyrkaJune 29, 2014

I love my new Ariston ARWDF129NA, but find that clothes come out very wrinkled. The problem is especially bad if I use a dryer. I had a combo washer/dryer before (Thor branded Haier), and never ran into this issue.

I find that adding little extra fabric softener (I use either Vernel or Miele) helps. I also tried to reduce load size and played around with different wash cycles, but still have issues with excessive wrinkles.

So... I'm ALWAYS ironing, and seriously at my wit's end. Does anyone have any suggestions to help this situation?

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Run smaller loads of wrinkle-prone items ... or remove half the load before the drying phase starts, let it finish, then dry the other half.

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Most of my loads are small, so I toss an old half sheet in with them. It is amazing the difference it makes regarding wrinkles.

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thanks so much for your suggestions. Unfortunately reducing the load size doesn't make much of a difference.. I never tried the half sheet, but I did try the towel approach, and unfortunately it didn't work out for me...

BUT I just discovered something that can improve things a bit, although it doesn't reduce the wrinkles to the extent I got used to with my old machine, it did help: woolzies dryer balls. Complained to my friend, she suggested it and as luck would have it found it in Home Goods... I tried them just now... I can see a bit of a difference, although not perfect..

I think it's just the way Ariston agitates the drum... it does use A LOT less water than my old Thor too, so that may have something to do with it...

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Sky, could you compare the two machines? I would like to get a combo for my RV and recently saw a new one that vents the dryer. I would be interested in your past experience with combos.

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I love them. I find them to be very convenient. My Thor lasted me for about 10 years, and I was very happy with it. Finally pump gave out, and I couldn't find the replacement part, so I had to let it go... Ariston I love even more, it has amazing features and much more economical on water and electricity.

They're not your average machines, so many people find that drying takes too long. It's not a problem for me. A load of for example, queen size sheets and 4 pillow cases takes about 70-90 minutes to dry... I love that you don't have to have an exhaust for the dryer. Machines are very quiet and economical.

I highly recommend Ariston, that little guy packs A LOT of punch in a small package (I especially love delay timer features and all the washing/dryer cycles options). I was very much annoyed with the wrinkling problem, but using dryer balls has REALLY helped. Something to keep in mind...

I think those machines are ideal for an apartment, a boat or an RV.

edit: Ariston (Italian made) also runs on your standard 110/115V outlet... fagor makes good machines too, but they need 220 lines

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Thanks Sky!

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No problem!! Let me know what you decide on..
Forgot to mention, my older machine needed buffer space for good air flow, but newer models do not really need it. Ariston combos are actually designed to go right under your kitchen countertop. I keep mine in a closet, and this model seriously rivals full-size units out there. My clothes have never been so clean, and it's very gentle on the fabrics. I've had this one since March, and very happy with it.

But also, my 2c, stay away from Haier... machines are good, but generally they're regarded as a junk brand... I liked my machine (it was WD9900 Thor branded), and it served me really well, but when it broke down parts were impossible to find, and I couldn't even outfit a substitute pump...

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Hi -- I am looking at an Ariston with 1.82 Cfoot capacity. How much in clothes is that? Thanks

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kkny, you can download the manual that gives weight capacity on pg.12-13 here:

I can tell you that machine fits very comfortably full queen size sheet set, just to give you an idea of volume it handles... I also recommend you get dryer balls to avoid wrinkles. I started using woolzies, and for max size loads 4 of them do the trick just perfect. I tried different types of loads, and it fluffs the laundry very nicely. NO MORE WRINKLES YAY!!! Those things DO WORK.

I also strongly recommend that you use good quality powder HE formulated detergents to get the best out of the machine. I prefer either persil or miele. Both are great. Seem expensive at first, but totally worth it and your clothes will thank you and will last forever (: Not to mention your laundry will smell just heavenly...

Let me know if there's any other questions. I'll be happy to answer.

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Thank you. I will be putting mine in kitchen with stainless steel applicances, will it look OK?

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They do make one in platinum finish. It's not stainless steel, it's just colored plastic, but the machine is good Italian quality. The one I have is white, and I keep it in the pantry closet.

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Haha, I only wish I could put it in a closet.

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Nah, do it!! The only large scale appliances that belong in a kitchen are a good range, oversized refrigerator and a range hood. I don't believe in dishwashers (they ARE evil), and washing machines should be in a place you never see them (:

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If possible use a slower spin speed. The high speed spins basically iron your clothes, wrinkles and all against the tub.

Slower spin speeds, such as the Perm Press, will reduce the wrinkling.

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Thanks, jakvis.
I've been using dryer balls for about a month now, and it's giving me the results I was looking for. And actually helps to cut down on drying time, which is a bonus.

In my experience, Ariston just has a wrinkling problem on all the possible settings.

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Sky, you mentioned using dryer balls. Do you put them in at start of wash wait for dry cycle?

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> Fagor makes good machines too, but they need 220 lines

They work better, or at least much faster, than any other W/D combo sold in the US for that reason - the powerful 2500 watt internal heater quickly heats the water during the wash cycle for better cleaning, than speeds drying (and reduces wear on clothes) by shortening the dry cycle because it can draw 2500 watts rather than only 1000 watts typical for drying on a 110 volt combo dryer. But Fagor is in financial trouble (bankrupt, with two companies that may or may not buy their assets and honour their warranties) They've pulled their laundry machines from their US website, though several seem to remain in the pipeline.

LG is the only manufacturer with a large US presense selling combo W/Ds in America, and the only one selling oversize machines of the size now common in new washers and dryers, that can wash and dry a load almost as big as an old top-load washer could wash. But both their large and small combos are hobbled by 120 volt/15 amp electricals, which can only draw 1/4 of the power used by a standard American dryer and are thus dog-slow.

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I use woolzies, and I just throw them in at the start of a drying cycle.

They fluff the fabric much better than softener alone, reduce wrinkles dramatically and also help to cut on drying time (I'd say by about 30%). I also like that they're made of natural fibers, so feel that they're really gentle on fabric with all the tumbling.

120V is a genius of north american market. not only dryers starve for power, but it takes my electric kettle twice as long to boil water :/

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