Polyfill pillows in a Bravos (Mara 2008 can you help?) :o)

appliance_researcherJune 23, 2009

If anybody can give advice........particularly Mara 2008 (since you also own a Bravos)

My grandmother is having issues with washing her polyfill pillows in her Maytag Bravos. She says they do not get as clean as she would want them and they get a little lumpy after they are dried. Is she doing something wrong? Isn't there a specific way to place them in the washer in order for them to get clean effectively? I thought there was but I forget what it is. I think she is plopping them right on top of the impeller. Should they be placed in the tub upright alongside the tub wall?

Everything other type of load comes out fine, though.........fantastic actually!

Oh........they are standard-size bed pillows and she is using the bulky cycle. She washes 2 per load. she might be able to wash 3, but would that be overloading the machine? What do you think? She is also using tide HE to clean them, about 2-3 tbsp. Is that too little?

Also, I want to buy her some Persil. I'm guessing that Persil is just as effective in an HE TL as it is in a FL. How much Persil Megaperls should she use for loads of:

-twin and full-size sheets

-standard-size polyfill bed pillows

-full-size polyfill comforters (2 at a time......or would this be overloading?)

-small to medium sized loads of mixed light and dark-colored clothing.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :o)


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Hi, Kevin. It's good to see you again. :-)

I can only tell you my experience, and I realize your GM's Bravos and mine are not the same model.

I usually wash pillows two at a time (ours are one size bigger than standard size) and I lay them alongside the tub wall, horizontally.

Our pillows are thick and 'plump'. They are made by Serta; I got a great bargain on them at BJ's warehouse store. They don't 'go flat' like pillows we've bought at departement stores. I dry them in the dryer, and they come out very plump, not lumpy.

I use different detergents for different types of laundry, and I can't remember right now what I used the last time I washed pillows, as I did that during 'spring cleaning' a couple months ago. I probably used Tide HE w/bleach. I think I filled it up to line 2, as our pillows are so thick and the Bulky cycle completely covers them with water. I did use an extra rinse.

I haven't used Persil detergent, so I can't give you any advice on dosage there.

I just washed a load of sheets today -- a set of queen-sized sheets, two sets of twin-sized sheets, and a bunch of pillowcases. The washer was about 3/4 full. I used Tide HE w/bleach as the sheets were white and ivory, and I filled the cap to line 2. Used mix of vinegar and fabric softener in the final rinse. They came out clean and smooth. HTH

To get advice about Persil dosage, you may need to start another thread. :-)

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Thanks so much Mara for the quick follow-up!! Good to see you again, too! :o)

Yeah, I figured you should put the pillows in like you described. I need to double check, but I think she is putting them in directly on top of the impeller, which I figured was the wrong way to load them. I will advise her to place them alongside the tub horizontally (or width-wise).

And yes, I will start another thread regarding the Persil.

But I'll tell ya, that machine can hold a TON!! she says there is plenty of room to spare when she washes her two full-size and one twin-size sets of sheets.

BTW, I thought I recall you saying you washed a queen-sized comforter in your Bravos? Was it polyfill or down/feather? Is there a particular way a comforter (any size) should be loaded into the washer? Just curious.

Thanks again, Mara! The info is greatly appreciated!!! :o)

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Yes, I wash both a queen-size and king-size comforter (separately, of course) in my Bravos washer. (I have no problem washing three twin-size comforters together; there is plenty of room.)

They are all polyfill, as two of us are allergic to down/feathers. The Q and K comforters are what is termed "over-filled", very thick and 'pouffy'.

When I wash one of the big comforters, I just put it in the washer drum, in a heap. The washer does the rest.

You're right -- the washer drum is huge. Which was one of the main reasons I bought it.

You're quite welcome, and I do hope this helps. Your GM is very blessed to have you helping her. :-)

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Thanks again for the follow-up and the kind words, Mara!! That info really helps and it is very much appreciated!! :o)

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