Can't decide which LG top loader to get

katefJune 20, 2013

We want to buy a new top loader and matching dryer set and are considering the LG WT5070 4.7 cu ft. We have read it doesn't have a gentle cycle though. Anyone own this model?
Also want to keep an open mind to see if there are any other brands that compare for the money. We are in research mode so any advice is appreciated!

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Per the instruction manual there are four cycles that should be suitable for various types of delicates:
Casual / Perm Press
Baby Wear
Pure Color

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On front load LG washers, the cycle called Baby Wear is a heated cycle that is the equivalent of Bright Whites or Whitest Whites on other washers. So it would not be suitable for delicates if that is the case for the top load LGs as well.

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What attracts you to the HE top loader?

The reviews for that particular model at are very mixed with nobody in the middle. A few people love, love, love the machine and several people hate, hate, hate the machine.

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Thanks everyone. Seems we have more research to do. We live in a small town and Lowes is the only place that carries LG. Their customer service reps are not that knowledgable so it's been a challenge.

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