Front vs Top loading- washer and dryer

momomomoJune 28, 2010

Please share your favorite style of washer and dryer, front vs top! Pro and con. this is big decision for me.

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I have always had a top loader till about a year ago. We bought a samsung front loader thinking it would get the clothes cleaner and better smelling. WRONG, I miss my top loader. I could add anything I wanted at any time, do a soak or just a spin. The new one is not that easy and you have to use special detergents (HE type) My clothes have been smelly and dingy since getting the FL. Oh, and a average wash is 1 hour & 35 min. Way to long for my use. I'm not happy :^(

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When we remodeled, I donated my still useable top loader to a charity and set the money aside for a front loader because I had used them in Europe and really liked them. To be honest, after seeing all the problems associated with some of the new, and very expensive machines, I ended up going exactly in the opposite direction and purchased a brand new imported wringer washer. That was a year ago, and I haven't regretted it yet. The average time even the most filthy loads spend in it for a wash is fifteen minutes and I am rinsing that load as the next washes. I usually spend a total of an hour and a half on my weekly four loads of laundry before they are hung on the line to dry. Then it takes me about half an hour to hang all four loads and take them down and fold them as they go in the basket. Four large loads = two hours. Loving it.

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A couple years ago our old Maytag top loader was getting tired so I got eager to replace it with the latest technology. I read Consumer Reports stating that, thanks to new government regulations on hot water use, they couldn't find any top loader that got clothes as clean as the best old machines. I went for a Samsung front loader because I read of problems other FLs were having with vibration, even to the extent of wearing out bearings too soon. And so many brands had odor problems that weren't being reported for Samsung. What we got was a machine that had a computer that rationed water to meet government standards and still get clothes clean. It does do the job, but has a lot of quirks and a very long learning curve. If I could find a modern top loader that worked as well as the old ones I would choose that. Maybe you can do a lot of studying and find one. Maybe some small brand like Speed Queen, I don't know. I use our machine with extra long washes; extra rinse; and heavy dirt levels and use a lot of HE detergent and cloths do come out clean. The dispensers are quirky too. No Oxyclean if using liquid soap. Just put it in the same dispenser with granulated soaps. Of coarse, you can just toss some on your clothes when you add them and use a liquid in the dispenser, but the way the water is added you don't have much at first so you may get wet Oxyclean laying on damp clothes. Get it? Quirky. Oh, we had to learn the meticulously wipe dry all gasket surfaces, to the extent of pulling the flaps that seal to the tub back to wipe the underside. That was the secret to eliminating odor problems.

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Guess I'm in the minority. I had a Maytag TL that was about 10 years old and did a good job. When we sold our house, the washer was part of the deal.

I replaced it with an LG fl w/d for two reasons: I can do larger loads and it uses far less water (we're on septic now).

I L-O-V-E my washer (a dryer is a dryer is a dryer, as far as I'm concerned). I suppose there was a bit of a learning curve (I have to be better organized prior to starting laundry, although I do have the ability to pause my washer and add additional items), but not too bad.

For us, our clothes get very, very clean (switching to Charlie's Soap also helped). Stains and marks that had been on older items through many previous washings actually came out in my LG.

Yes, the wash takes much longer. I did a load earlier today on the "Sanitize" setting (one of the longer settings) and it took 1 hour 45 minutes. If I use Perm Press, it's about 54 minutes. However, it spins SO much out of the items that drying takes a fraction of the time....which I like, since it doesn't make the house as hot.

There is some additional vibration, but my washer has a vibration control mode that makes a big difference. We have a main floor laundry room (it's in a closet in the haul) and there are many times I can't even hear it running!

I've had no problems with odors. I do wipe the seal off, but it's a fast and easy process. Occasionally I run some vinegar in the bleach compartment, but that's primarily for towels and items that tend to sit on my son's floor for an extended amount of time, lol. Powdered detergent will work better (and contribute less to odor issues) and don't use liquid softener.

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I've had top loaders, and I've had (still have) a front loader. This is my second front load set. I will be purchasing a new top load set when our house construction is completed. I just think they work better. If the front loader is still working, I will use it for blankets and quilts.

I have always had septic systems...still do. Always had a well too.

I've never, ever had a problem with my septic system using a top load washer, and I raised five children while having one. A properly working and maintained septic system will not have a problem with a top load washer.

If you are conservative about doing laundry, I personally do not feel a top load washer is an environmental issue either. There are worse sins aginst the environment and water usage than doing laundry. Lawns maintained with irrigation, for one.


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Ive had my Kenmore He3T for almost 10 years now and have had no major issues with it at all. No mold, mildew, or cleaning issues. The longer wash cycles do not bother me at all. Plus I have the option for using the delay timer if I need too, which I use often. My clothes are cleaner than when I had a TL and I am saving money on water, detergent and electricity. I do not wipe the door seal, or keep it open to dry out the inside when I and finished with it...still no odor problems. I use the correct amount of detergent and I have no need or use for oxyclean, bleach, and all of the other additives. Soap and fabric softener is all I use..all name brand. The neighbors ask me how I get my whites so white and they are shocked that I do not use bleach.

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I vote for a frontloader -- but buy a good one, something middle of the line or higher, with an internal heater, and possibly an extra water feature. I've had two sets of frontloaders and don't think I can go back to a toploader. My first set were GE's (which have received their share of complaints here) I thought they were OK. I felt they were a little rough on our clothes (everything was pilling faster) so I ended up using the delicates cycle for everything except sheets & towels. Still liked it better than my top of the line Kenmore toploader with all the bells and whistles, which I was not unhappy with prior to getting the FL.

Then when we moved I got the set of Euro-style Miele's (220v, now discontinued in the US) that I had been lusting after for years. OMG I can never go back. I am a germaphobe and love having the sanitize options for dish and cleaning rags. Our sheets and towels come out soft and wonderful. Hand wash and wool items are treated so gently.

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I've had a FL for 6-7 years and I'd never go back to TL. It's the Kenmore version of Whirlpool Duet. I've not had any problems and I think it cleans better with less detergent and less water and less mangling of the laundry. I also bought a Frigidare Affinity for my weekend lake place. That works well too - no problems. My cycle times are as short as 30 minutes depending on what options I choose. I love being able to wash large comforters, rugs, etc. - something I could never do with a TL.

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