Fix or Replace F&P top loading dryer?

rhome410June 7, 2013

We've owned the washer and dryer set for 5 years, but we have a family of 10, so probably has had the equivalent of a 10-yr-old set in more average-sized homes.

We've already had to replace the bearing in the dryer due to loud screeching, which, from internet searches, is a common thing with these dryers. It's starting to screech again on occasion, so likely time for a new one again. But last night a burning smell got our attention, and the dryer drum and clothes were VERY hot. We could try replacing the thermostat and heating elements, and hope that fixes it. Or do we cut our losses at the age, use, history, and reputation of the unit, and roll again? Internet searches turn up reports of chintzy wiring involving the heating element. Not an expert, I'm unsure if changing the parts also addresses the wiring issue.

The F&P laundry set in our previous home worked like a dream for years and years. This one, not so much. We replaced the board on the washer just weeks out of warranty. About a year later, it stopped recirculating and would stop in the cycle as soon as it got to the spray types of wash or rinse. Although we replaced the recirculating pump (or maybe it was pump motor), the problem wasn't solved. The next step would've been another new mother board, and since we could run the machine as long as we used the permanent press cycle, we've just done that, rather than spend more money in parts or repairs. So if we get a new dryer, we'd probably get a new washer, too.

I'm thinking about Speed Queen for durability, but don't want to jump to that expense if it's not a prudent step.

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I would seriously consider the Speed Queen set. You have gotten a good run for a family of 10 on that set and it appears that the speed queen are the best top loading value right now, and durable for high usage like your family no doubt has.

With the F&P top loading dryer no longer manufactured, parts are going to get harder to find each year.

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Shows what I know! I didn't know they'd stopped manufacturing the top-loading dryers. I really have liked that style.

Thanks so much for the info and the advice. I hope SQ does better for us... for longer.

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There are three (six) toploader dryer models currently shown on F&P's web site so I am reasonably assuming they're not discontinued. The site has been redesigned since I last visited there.

Electric & gas AeroSmart LCD
Electric & gas AeroSmart LED
Electric & gas SmartLoad

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I see that now, thanks. Probably means there'll be parts for awhile yet... but do I want to keep buying them and trying to fix these machines? That's what's tough. I'm disliking the short lives of and almost guaranteed hassles with appliances these days.

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I can say that my DEGX1 is 8+ years old and hasn't yet needed any bearing repairs. Only 1 person in my household, although I've been doing my grandmother's laundry for the past 4+ years.

Five-ish years ago it went to making a squealing/rattling noise, which I suspected to be the belt idler pulleys. I bought the parts but decided to let it run until the problem reached the point of either failure or unable-to-stand-the-noise to see how long that took. Interestingly the noise stopped within a few months so I have not done the repair.

A few weeks ago it went to throwing an overheat/airflow warning fault when a larger-size load is run on high heat (Regular or Denim cycle). There's an airflow restriction somewhere, probably in the outflow blower/duct housing at the left of the drum ... or maybe on the intake of the element box, I haven't yet investigated. The fault doesn't occur on medium or low heat cycles, which run at 2/3 of the full element capacity.

I like the dryer and will repair it as needed.

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Sorry about that. In a prior thread recently posted someone posted that the machines were no longer going to be avaliable in the USA and parts avaliability was soon to be scarce. I guess I should have checked the F&P website.

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No problem, fordtech.

Dadoes, our screeching started and stopped for awhile, then just got unbearable. We're in the starting and stopping thing again now, I think.

I have liked the dryer a lot. But our household, not only large in the first place, but, at this point, mostly active teenagers in sports, who seem to go through a LOT of clothing and towels, really uses and uses the laundry equipment. We're not hard on things, but just the usage takes its toll. Since others have had similar problems with the dryer, but under much milder circumstances, I guess I should count us lucky we made it with this laundry set this far. :-)

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