Great Room Colors Couch in Family room

linda888February 2, 2009

How do you post more than one picture in one message? It wouldn't let me, so here is the second picture.

Image link:

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Beautiful room. I don't know how to even post one picture. I have them all at Photobucket but, beyond that, I need help.

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go to the PB account. Roll the pointer over the photo and then at the bottom you'll have option. Roll down to the HTLM *the third option) code and it will highlight or you can highlight it. Then hit page, then copy, then come back to your thread, position your cursur under your text, hit page, then paste. Your photo will then be in the thread. You can go back and forth and copy as many photo's as you want, one behind the other in the same message. Hope this helps.

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B, there's nothing that says "page." When I highlight the html, it just says copied. The only options which show up are:

Direct link
IMG code

Where is "page?" lol I'm trying to figure this out on the test forum.

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When you are in Photobucket, place your mouse pointer on the picture you want to post,a small box just under the left corner of the picture will appear, click in this box and then choose another picture and repeat for as many pictures as you wish. Then scroll down to the toolbar at the near bottom of the page and click on the title that reads Generate HTML and IMG Code, when the next window opens you have 5 choices. The first two are the best to use in a forum, but your choices are listed in all 5 areas. Highlight (right click in the area) and copy (left click to copy) the desired code area. Then come back here to your message and paste (left click). Try them both, but remember you have to "Preview Message" before the pictures will appear for you to proof read.

Hope this helps,


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Okay, I'm all set, I can do it now. Thanks to all who helped.

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