Great Room Colors

linda888February 2, 2009

Here are the pics of our great room area. I posted the following message entitled "Should Woods Match?" on the discussion board, but I guess you can't put pictures there? Anyway, here is my question:


I hope someone can help me! We have a great room (kitchen, dining area, family room all in one huge space). I'm not sure what kind of coffee table/end tables/tv armoire to get in terms of the color of the wood. It's hard because it is all in view at the same time.

The kitchen cabinets are maple, the hardwood floors (which go throughout) are tiger wood (reddish-orangish-brownish with black streaks), and the sofas are a maroonish color (which I dont like, but oh well). The walls are going to be a camel color, with one wall in the kitchen being chocolate brown. I also want to put a shag rug in the family room area, and I don't know what color to get (either tan, brown, black, white, or cream).

I guess I have to post the pictures in the "gallery"? So I'll try to post them there under the title "Great Room colors"


Image link:

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Linda, just want you to know that a shag rug is brutal when you have kids or pets or even crumbs. I had one and got rid of it for those reasons. If it were me, I'd do the rug in a shade lighter than the camel rug. Take a paint sample whilst looking for the rug. Maybe you could find one with a little black and cranberry
in it and then use black as the accent tables. I have several different types of wood in all my rooms and I love the variety. You can also used painted wood tables which really add charm to a room.

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