Are Top Loading HE Washers Problematic?

jaxoJune 23, 2013

Are the top loading high efficiency washers such as Whirlpool Cabrio and other similar HE top loaders more problematic than a good front loader?

I see user reviews saying they tangle and knot up their clothes due to spinning the clothes horizontally vs the way a front loader tumbles the clothes vertically.
I also see owners saying their laundry loads frequently get unbalanced and you need to be very careful about how to load clothes to prevent this issue where as you can throw whatever you want into a front loader that will tolerate the chosen cycle and water temps and not have these issues.
Are they louder or quieter than a good front loader?

The main reason I'm looking at top loaders is because you can install them on either side of the dryer without loading and unloading conflicts.

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Depends on who you talk to.

I have read a lot of people complain about top load HE washers.
Some love them.
Personally I would totally by a front loader over any HE top loader.
The clothes just don't move much at all in top load HE washers.
Watch them on Youtube.

I think there are a few manufactures that allow you to switch door position, I know Electrolux does for sure (on washer and dryer). Some allow only the dryer to change door position.

I would say noise levels are about the same.

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I have an HE top loader. It spins at high speed a 1100 rpm's and we never end up with knotted clothes. As for loading the Top Loader, all you do is place the clothes in around the impeller. It's not hard or time consuming.

It's really user issues that cause problems, but there are better makes than others.

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My experience with one was very poor. So much so I'd never buy one again. My experience with a front load washer though has been extremely positive.

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I had two and had problems with both. Tangled clothes, constantly off balance, and problems with computer control board in the first one. I have not had a front loader due to space limitations.

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