Homemade Pasta- Can you refrigerate or freeze in advance?

trsincJune 18, 2009

Can you make the pasta dough in advance and refrigerate all day, or freeze it, for cooking later?

I'm wanting to make Tajarin, specifically, but the question applies to all pastas.

Thank you in advance.

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I've read that you should refrigerate soon as possible,
to avoid any Samonela possibilities.
It can be refrigerated for 2 days and frozen for 2 months.

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I've never frozen homemade pasta, but I've refrigerated the basil pasta I occasionally make and it's fine.

I just did it, figuring that if the stores could sell refrigerated "fresh" pasta, I could make it too.


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A friend made me some homemade ravioli and it froze perfectly.
I just put it in a freezer bag.

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Thanks all!

I'm going to roll, cut and refrigerate until supper. I think I'll freeze a few strands to boil tomorrow or later and see how it turns out.

Thanks again.

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Just remember to keep in mind when you pull the pasta out of the freezer, it's going to take longer to cook. Considerably! It seems every time I do this (and I do it a lot), I'm always surprised as to why my pasta is still chewy, and I end up cooking it much longer than usual. It's not big deal, but if you're timing things, you'll need to add some time to the noodles/pasta.

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I freeze pasta often, but in a soft freeze drawer rather than the coldest freezer. The pasta is medium width and 4-5 thickness (pretty thin) on the pasta roller. It takes a minute or two longer to cook.

I let the pasta dry enough that it doesn't stick together before freezing. I tried drying and the pasta turned a gross gray color after a day or two in the container.

I've wondered if fresh pasta should be refrigerated ASAP, how does it dry? Mine takes a long time to dry.


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I was wondering about drying, too. Don't people dry pasta to preserve it? I've only made home made once, (I need to do it more often, as DH gave me a pasta maker for Christmas), but we ate it right away. I can't imagine why one couldn't freeze pasta, though.


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I make homemade noodles often and roll them by hand. I dry them and then freeze them in freezer bags. I have also made up the dough and refrigerated it for a day and then rolled them out and froze them after drying. I usually make several dozen eggs of dough at a time.


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How long does it take for them to dry?


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It depends on the humidity. Usually over night. Don't have them too thick on your counter or table. I usually put them on old clean table cloths, you can even place clean cloths over them if you like.


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Mine are like Sue's, dried and frozen. I dry mine on lots of half sheet pans, spread out, with a little extra flour before freezing. I also use clean dish towels to cover. (The noodles I make are typically for chicken & noodles, and we like the thickened broth.) I suspect the reason mine take so much longer to cook is I put them in the hot broth directly from the freezer, instead of letting them come to room temperature first.

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Yes, Claire de luna, I use mine mostly for chicken and noodles and once in awhile beef and noodles. The flour will thicken the noodles and make them so good. I have some chicken broth in my refrigerator now and plan to make some chicken and noodles for supper today. I think the last time I made noodles I used 61 eggs or something like that. I gave several to my children for Easter I think it was. Nothing better than chicken and noodles.


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WOW Sue! I'd love to see that! Do you know by measure, how many noodles that makes?

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My Noodle Recipe

3 cups flour, I like to use bread flour
2 teaspoons of salt
3 whole eggs
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
9 tablespoons water

Put flour and salt in food processor and mix.

Mix the eggs, oil and water together and then add to the flour mix. Pulse the food processor until the dough is well mixed. If too dry add another egg or yolk or more water. Take the dough out and make in to a few rounds of dough. Let rest in a covered container for half an hour. If not making at this time, refrigerate. After 30 minutes, take each mound of dough and roll as thin as possible. Let dry on clean floured cloths or on counter or table, turning the dough rounds over to help them dry. When dry enough to handle, I cut them into strips and stack, then with a sharp knife on a cutting board, cut the width of noodles you wish. Place the cut noodles back on the cloth to dry and cover with another clean cloth. Let dry over night. This recipes makes probably 10 servings.

When dry, put in freezer bags or use right away.


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Yes, we used to make pasta all the time in the student restaurant at school and store it in the freezer. Well-floured, of course.

Here's the recipe we used:


1 kg flour
2 Tblsp. olive oil
2 whole eggs
600g egg yolks (about 30)

Mix until just coming together (in a mixer or food processor). Wrap well and rest in refrigerator at least 30 minutes (or as long as overnight). Roll out and flour really well. Store in freezer.

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I made the dough and refrigerated overnight then I tried rolling thought it was not soft enough put through the food processor and then formed my orange sized ball it rolled out perfectly but I may have over worked the dough as it was not melt in your mouth tasted like regular pasta, maybe I should have refrigerated for another hour after reworking the dough second time, anyway my first attempt will get it with practice, thoughts suggestions?

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