my W/D is in the garage...give me some ideas to make me excited

dirtymartiniJune 2, 2009

to do laundry out there!

We recently closed on a 70's ranch style house on an acre. This house has SO MUCH of what I wanted in a home for our family. I did have to give up a few things. One of the things I had to give up was an indoor laundry room. I had visions of painting it funky colors, hanging cute pictures, my child's artwork, etc. Well, now I have my W/D in the stinky, hot garage. I would love to see some pictures of laundry ares in the garage that you have made functional and fun. Please share!

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Uh-oh! Am I doomed to misery doing laundry in my drab, dungeon like garage? LOL...just hoping someone has a good photo or link or suggestion!

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Check out the gallery side of this forum. Look for Mustangs's set up. Sa-weet!

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dirty martini - Love your name!

so will your stinky hot garage be cold and freezing also? Where do you live? I wouldn't mind it in the summer months, but it would totally suck in the winter.

Is there enough space to add a wall around it and make it like a "room"?? is there a place where you could put them in a bathroom instead?

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thanks mountaineergirl! (your name is pretty cool, too!)

I am in South never freezing....but soooo hot and sticky in the summer...and opening up a hot dryer in the sweaty garage is just such a gross feeling.

We can't close the W/D in at this time...and no, there is NOWHERE in the house to put them.

I guess I am just looking for some organizing/decorationg shelving, maybe some decorative stuff on the walls...just something to make it look pretty plus be organized. I see there is a thread about the laundry room in the basement...I think I'll check that out now.

Thanks again for the reply!

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No ideas to get you really excited. But I would get a laundry sorter on wheels. That way you could sort in the house, where it's cooler, and then push them out in the garage. Maybe have a little nook where you can park the sorter and kind of keep it out of the way. I would also look for a floor mat/rug to put in front of the units. That way your clean clothes, when dropped, won't be on the garage floor.

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Definitely if you have a basement, that would be better. Nice and cool down there! of course you would then have the steps to contend with, hauling laundry up and down. But I think I'd rather deal with the steps than do laundry in the garage. You could then make the laundry room you were originally dreaming about with the funky colors and some artwork!

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dirtymartini basement. No one has basements in SoFla. *sigh*

jessy-I will go look now...i didn't see your post yesterday. Thanks!

housefairy-That is a good idea...'çept I have two steps to go down, from house to garage. I guess it would still work. We are a small family (only one child) so sorting isn't a *huge* issue for us. Thank you for the input!

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Your question got me to looking, maybe this page will help. I like the one room with the tile look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry rooms

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I have a basement utility room laundry area - not sure that's much more esthetically pleasing than a garage but at least it's not hot and humid in the summer. I've never done anything to spruce mine up - other than replace the rug on the floor - but I always feel like if I were going to do something it would be to fix up the wall that you face when you're in front of the W/D. That's what you look at most of the time. Some kind of nice shelves/cabinetry and a little uplifting paint - and a nice rug.

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