Front load washer and dryer on opposite sides of connections

jaxoJune 23, 2013

The dryer duct and gas hookup are on the left, but installing the dryer on the left would be extremely inconvenient for transferring laundry from washer to dryer because the washer doors would be in the way and require dropping the clothes from the washer to a basket on the floor, sliding the basket over to the other side of the doors and then transferring the wet clothes from the basket to the dryer.
To get around this, I have been using a longer gas line and longer dryer vent ducting that reaches the extra few feet to the other side.
The washer hookups don't seem to matter was much because the pipes are closer to the center.

I remember when the washer and dryer was being delivered, the delivery people wanted to install them to match the hookups and they wouldn't do it the way I wanted until I told them to send them back to the warehouse because I would refuse delivery if they insisted on installing them so the doors opened against each other.
They called their supervisor and then installed it the way I asked.
I have been using the set for 7 years as is.
Now I'm considering upgrading to new models and will have this hassle again when the installers arrive.

My only other solution seems to be to buy a top loader HE washer and dryer. I like they way some of this look (such as the Samsungs and Whirlpool Cabrio Platiinum),

I have posted a video at the link below of how the installation looks now.
Does anyone see any problem with this? Should I get a different kind of dryer ducting if I replace these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washer and dryer reversed sides

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You can reverse the dryer's AND the washer's door on Electrolux laundry appliances and certain Kenmore by Electrolux units (Model# 41102 and 41100).

Edit: I see you've already found them. Asko has a large capacity washer with reversible door but I don't think this model is any good.

BTW: another poster here recommended this vent:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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None of the reversible door washers seem even nearly as highly rated as the the best models of the non-reversible models such as Kenmore 41572.
I think the Electrolux washers have a nice looking design, but I'm wary of their quality and reliablity.
The Kenmore Elite with reversible door (I assume rebranded Electrololux) may not be any better.
The Kenmore Elite 41572 is small enough to fit even with the dryer extension tubes behind it if I just put it on the left despite the dryer exhaust being behind it. So, that might be better choice if I can't find a very quiet and reliable full sized unit with reversible doors.
There is supposed to be a reversible door LG washer, but it seems well hidden on the LG site.
The link has comments referring to some LG model that has reversible doors, but I can't find the model number anywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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