Help Me Choose Which Vitamix

sprtphntcJanuary 10, 2014

Hi All,

been reading for awhile about Vitamix and ready to take the plunge!!

always wanted one but of course hate the price....

i have narrowed it down to a few models but i guess my biggest question is on the 750 model do you love the pre-sets or are u ok with the ones w/o them...???

if u choose the 750, why...if you choose another model over the 750 why?? if u flat choose another model, why??

do u love the smaller jar, height wise, or are u a dedicated tall jar person?? and why?

if u have a 64oz jar, did u buy the smaller ones??

where is the best place to buy them, price-wise...
i have been looking on ebay, CL, and BBB, reconditioned, QVC, blenderlady, CC although i don't belong...etc any other places???

im sure i will think of more questions, but i think its a good start....


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I chose the 750, figured I might like the pre-sets (I do) and would prefer to keep it on the counter under cabinets (I do). Here is another thread on it started by GWlolo
I didn't buy an extra jar, in part because I already have a grain mill.

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I got the 5200 so I have the tall container. I don't have a second container. I am fine with no presets--maybe I am paranoid, but I never leave the blender unattended, so I work the knobs myself, starting on low and then increasing as appropriate. I don't see how the presets are any big deal. I don't grind dry ingredients and mostly use the VM for smoothies and hummus and those sorts of things. I once tried soup but it makes no sense for me because I like larger batches--it is easier to use the immersion blender and besides, I like to cook my veggies first.

In my view, the two significant advantages of the 750 are the lower under-cabinet height and the fact that the shorter container is wider at the bottom. It just so happens that I have a low surface with a power receptacle to the left of my window which is about 8" lower than my counter. My VM sits nicely there and is partially hidden by cabinets, which is good because it is not such a gorgeous appliance. So I didn't need the 750 for the height. The wider container would have been nice. But $375 was the price for the 5200 at Costco and I could not justify paying any more.

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thanks for the replies,,,

i did read all the threads i counld find..not much info on the 750...
does the 750 with the presets just shut the machine off? im assuming that's what it does, but don't like to assume anything, website does not clearly state....

$375 is a good price!!!

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I like having the 7500 plus the small 32-oz container. I don't think the presets are necessary, but having both the wide and narrow containers gives me maximum flexibility.

That said, if price is an issue, Vitamix is currently offering an additional discount on the reconditioned Standard machines that makes them pretty appealing. The linked page has a good summary of the different machines and their features.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vitamix comparison page

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I have the 750 and love it.
I did get the smaller container and dry container.
I like the smaller one for 1 serving smoothies when DH doesn't want one.
I only use the dry container episodically but it is fun.
I use the presets and it does shut off
It is noisy when running and with the presets, I don't have to hover right at the machine

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I have the pro300- no presets, wider shorter container. Love it. I don't feel the need for presets here. Wish I had a smaller container though, the base of the container is so wide that it's a bit difficult doing small batches of smoothies. It's red and beautiful :)

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I got the 750 from WS. I like the presets, but could probably work fine with out them. I preferred the squatter container, but at 64oz it's a bit difficult to only make a single serving.

Lucky me, I got the 32oz dry container as a gift. I was going to exchange for the wet as I would use that way more, but the folk at WS indicated that the dry would be fine for wet as well, so I figured that was the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use it yet because my kitchen is not quite done. I did remodel with a special place in mind for my Vitamix - I love it for making soup, smoothies, hummus. I can't wait to get back to it again...

Regardless of the model you choose I think you will LOVE it. It can be life changing. Good luck!!!

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I bought the one on Costco's site for my dh for Christmas. Came with wet and dry jars. He was happy with the Cuisinart blender we've had for years for making Green Drink in the morning. (Been doing that for a very long time now). I could never get past the slight chunkiness of it, kind of makes me gag. But he is now a convert. Loves this machine, makes the smoothest whatevers you want.

This am, he made peanut butter, actually peanut/almond butter.

It's hard to imagine that one machine can make sorbet and hot soup, but it does. And cleanup is a breeze.

The price on Costco's site was the best I found. My niece bought one directly from Vitamix, it was refurbished, and she has had it for a very long time. I believe she got a great deal from them.

Good luck, and yes, it's pricey, but holy cow, it's really fab!

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OMG, adamp, thanks so much for that link, what an awesome website.

it really helped me decidealmost positive im going with the reconditioned 7500 @ $439...

i like the shorter jar and i feel like i probably wont miss the presets... i am going to order the 32oz jar also for the smaller batches....

aklydb, that's why i am ordering the 32oz containter for the smaller batches....

i plan on putting it in easier accessible cab and wonder if i should just get the 6300 reconditioned and save the $90???

why is this so hard??? do u guys think the shorter container is better for most things than the standard one.(easier to reach things and blend easier and use the tamper less) .i did read the u can use all containers on the NG but cannot use NG containers on standard machines...

i just hope i use it in a couple of years when the newness wears off, i guess thats my biggest concern

i should just order 7500, which was my original thought and be done with it...

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I got my Vitamix 750 refurbished directly thru the company. I wanted the option of plain black, not stainless, which also saved additional money. Comparison websites like the one above also have an affiliate code that will get you free shipping. At the time of order, you can get extra containers for a reduced price. Another great website for comparison and recipes is Blending with Henry ( He also has a video series on youtube. I am not affiliated with Vitamx or Joy of Blending or Blending with Henry.

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I got the 6300 with pre-sets and the tall container. I bought the dry container and short container at the same time, but they both sat in the boxes unopened for two months so I took them back to Costco. I pretty much use the presets exclusively. While I'm sure I could get by without them, they are certainly convenient. I keep the base on the cabinet all the time with the canister lid sitting on top, and I keep the canister in a nearby cabinet. I don't have any problem making a single serving in the tall container. I bought the shorter canister thinking I would need it, but I really didn't.

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hi all,

just wanted to let everyone know that i took the plunge and bought the re-conditioned Vitamix 7500. received the creations elite. you could get the 7500, Pro 300 or creations elite...all same blender..

needless to say, its FAB!!!

we all love it and been using almost everyday..
making green smoothies, ice cream and sorbet so far...
hope to try soup this week...

bought thru the "blender lady" and received free shipping, free spatulas, discount on 32oz container, free mini tamper, so all in all a great experience

anyone thinking of buying, do it, it is awesome.
pulverizes chia seeds, which is amazing...everything is smooth, no chunks, unless u want them....

DDs' love it and they are getting more greens in their diet, which is great. DH not yet tried green goo yet!!
he just wants milkshakes!!

This appliance is amazing!!!!

Thank you all with your advice and links, they were so incredibly helpful..Thanks again :)

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oops, forgot to add that i received an additional year of warranty ordering thru "blender lady"....

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I have the 5200 and it is just fine. I'd like to have the 750 but just couldn't justify the extra and also because I had just seen the 5200 demo'd at Costco that is the one I went with. I also have the second dry container and I do use it. I often use it to grind up a rock hard piece of parmesan cheese for spaghetti or dice up an onion for a recipe. I once put a leftover hunk of roast that was pretty hard from being in the refrigerator and whirred it so it was like pulled beef bbq. Not sure I'd do that again though it did work it was a mess, lol. I must have been desperate for something to make for dinner. I leave it in my laundry room that is just off my kitchen. I can leave it out and clean it in there since it has a sink. If I put it away I'd never use it and I don't want it on my kitchen counter. I do make smoothies in it but it has been so cold lately I can't stand the idea of a cold smoothy right now. What I have discovered is that buying frozen fresh fruit in the big bags at Costco is better for me as I would start to waste fresh fruit and that pains me so much to throw anything away. I do buy fresh bunches of bananas and when they start to go bad because I can't use them fast enough I peel them and throw them in the freezer in a freezer zip lock and this has worked out great. I'm a little disappointed at how much I have to keep tamping to get it to mix. Sometimes it cavitates and that is frustrating. It will do better if it is very liquid instead of very thick and frozen. It will eventually get it done but it can be a lengthy process. What I have found is it's best to turn it on high quickly because if you keep it on low it seems not to do as well and will only mix the bottom even with tamping it down.

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I've been agonizing over whether or not to get a Vitamix after reading for so long here all the great stories from you happy owners. This afternoon my commercial blender is spitting green smoothie around my kitchen. I'm so done with that thing. I jumped on GW to try to decide which model to buy since I've done no hands-on research.

This thread helped a lot. I think I'll try for the 750, but I'm sure the 7500 would be fine. Looking forward to joining the GW Vitamix club! (I also looking forward to joining the ex-ABB club, but that's another story. :) )

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Breezy, we're mostly just doing smoothies in ours but we do them at least 4 times per week. I use the presets, especially the washing one. DD makes her smoothies extra thick and uses the tamper, we wouldn't need it otherwise. We end up storing the lid with the tamper in a drawer so the jar can air dry in place.

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I've tried the 5200 and the Blendtec, both from Costco. I used them both to make green smoothies and did not notice much of a difference in the final product.

I ended up going with Blendtec for the following reasons:

1) blendtec was less messy. I hated how the enormous plastic tamper would soil my countertops and sink

2) Blendtec container design seemed more efficient. It was much lighter than the Vitamix, which made it feel kind of cheap, but the plastic quality and engineering is top notch. The flat, glossy non-stick design makes it very easy to clean (just a quick rinse, no soap required if rinsed immediately).

3) Blendtec appears to be preferred by smoothie shops and cafes in my area

4) Blendtec was only $300 from

I also watched a youtube video describing how Vitamix tried to steal Blendtec's jar design. Interesting stuff.

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I took the plunge and bought the 750 with presets. My family thought I had lost my mind to spend that much on a "blender". As anyone who has one knows its so much more than that. Flash forward and it's getting used several times each day by all family members. Having the presets really takes the guesswork out of it for the guys in my house who probably wouldn't use it otherwise. We all agree now it was money well spent. Beyond the smoothies we love the soup, peanut butter, ice cream and most of all milk shakes. My favorite part though is the self clean cycle.

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Hear hear! Another happy 750 owner with the presets. Every now and then half the neighborhood files past as DS makes smoothies for them.... DD on the other hand (almost 17) focuses on the nespresso. 1 espresso shot, 1 hot chocolate mix pack, + milk.

Worth the preset for the cleaning function :)

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Ditto on loving the 750 with its shorter squat container. Like a2, I also purchased a smaller container for use when making just a single serving. AND - yes, walking away to spare the ears is wonderful!

I looked at Vitamix's newest edition via a video they are circulating. Not too impressed based on some user comments. Was thinking about it as I still use a m. bullet for herbs or dressing once in awhile. And my full powered VM with the small container is all we need.

So glad you are happy with your decision.

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