Help guesstimating remaining life of Hotpoint washer and dryer?

yeboJune 7, 2012

My Hotpoint washer and gas dryer are still functioning (squeaks in dryer only problem) after at least 21 years (were here when I bought my place). Planning renovation and wanting to do it to low-budget, I'm wondering about keeping the Hotpoints.

This is both b/c money and b/c if I replace, I have to get a very more expensive electric dryer and maybe smaller stacking units (building rules, NYC).

Should I ask the repair guy who comes for the squeak to estimate? Is there something specific to look at? Or should I just get rid of the oldsters now, since they could stop at any time.


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"...squeaks in dryer only problem"

Probably the belt or tensioner-pulley....both cheap and easy. Even if you have to hire someone to diagnose and fix, still cheaper than new unit...and will last indefinitely once repaired. If I'm wrong, I'll stand for your fist-shaking.

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Or idler wheels. Usually not a deal.

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Hotpoint made by General Electric and I regularly see old GE stuff from the 1960s still in use, so they seem to be reliable. They made the same basic design for decades, so parts are readily available.

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