Charlie's Soap and Purex Crystals?

twebbzJune 23, 2013

I've started using Charlie's Soap and I think it's a fine detergent but I miss having a scent on towels and sheets.
What do you think about adding a small amount of Purex Crystals to the wash now that that product no longer contains a fabric softener?

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Sure give it a try.
There are also those scent pears by P&G from Downy and Gain.

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The Purex Scent 'for baby' is also a nice, soft scent (I always use the lowest measured amount). The Gain Sweet Sizzle is also nice, but larsi said P&G has changed and ruined that scent.

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I've done a couple of loads now. The lowest measure of the cap is about a tablespoon. I used just 1 & 1/2 teaspoons that I dissolved in hot water before adding it to the drum of my compact FL. Nice light scent. The Purex "Fresh Spring Waters" is similar to the scent of Method's "Fresh Air".

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