maytag bravos mvwb850 washer & medb850 dryer

sld_sandyJune 19, 2011

I have been shopping washers & dryers until I'm about ready to just find me a wash board and tub!!But since, I probably can't find one, this Maytag Bravos pair seem to fit what I am needing. Does anyone have these and how well do you like or dislike them? Help would greatly be appreciated!!

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I had this pair before I sold my house and they were good. I'm not shopping for a new set and the Maytag bravos are hard to find. Whirlpool bought Maytag so much of it is being branded under whirlpool now. Look at the Whirlpool Cabrio, it should be the same as the bravos.

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Shane_Gardener ... the Bravos line was introduced after Whirlpool bought Maytag, so said company purchase is not related to availability of them.

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The 850 bravos is different the a cabrio in the sens that it has a internal heater and the cabrio doesnt. This will help improve wash performance in washing with warm or hot water.

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I've had this w/d set for about a year. Definitely get a washer WITH a heater (this model has it), there are many discussions here about the benefits of an internal heater. I don't use the steam feature in the dryer often, but when I do it helps with wrinkles. Be sure to read threads here about Bravos AND thoroughly study the manuals. Using the right cycles and loading items properly are key to getting clothes clean in the Bravos.

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Also, does the 850 tangle clothes?

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dadoes - Didn't not know that. The salespeople make you think Whirlpool bought Maytag then changed everything over to Whirlpool. I didn't know the bravos was out after the whirlpool purchase. Wonder who actually is making them and if they have the same quality as before. I liked my Bravos and now looking for a new set since I moved.

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Maybe your salesperson doesn't know the facts. Every salesperson I've talked to, at different stores, knows that Whirlpool bought Maytag five years ago.

I have the Maytag Bravos mvwb850 washer and love, love, love the internal water heater. I don't have the matching dryer; mine is an earlier Bravos model which works great.

I've had this washer more than a year, have washed many, many loads of laundry, and have not had a problem with tangling. My former washers which had agitators tangled the laundry much worse; I can remember having to unwind sheets which were like topes wrapped around each other when I had washers w/agitators.

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The salesman is correct ... Maytag products that changed to Whirlpool production did so after the company purchase, of course. Why would such a change happen before the purchase?

The Bravos line is a member of the Oasis/Cabrio family and was the last of that trio introduced to the market. Kenmore Oasis was first, then Whirlpool Cabrio, then Bravos. They're all of the same mechanical design, initially based on Fisher & Paykel's SmartDrive motor mechanism. Whirlpool recently introduced a new belt-drive mechanical design to replace their 25+ years-old direct-drive/transmission agitator mechanism. This new mechanism can also be used for HE-impeller machines ... which some low- and mid-line Cabrio and Bravos models are using it, while a couple high-end models (such as the Whirlpool Vantage) are still based on SmartDrive.

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My Bravos 850 dryer has been delivered and have broken it in! Love all those fancy lights, too! None of my clothes were wrinkled or tangled. Had one pair of ladies jeans and mens colored t-shirts and everything came out perfect. After much worry, I was certainly glad to see that I wasn't dissappointed in the performance of this dryer. The Bravos 850 washer will be delivered on Thursday. Looking forward to trying it out! (can't believe I'm saying such a thing) I plan to go back through all the emails and print out all of y'alls advise on what setting to wash on.. Thanks for all your help!

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