Buy LG or Maytag Epic from Home Depot?

gowelchJune 28, 2008

Home Depot is having 10% off on all the appliance, plus gift cards. I would love to buy brand new front load washer and dryer. I am debating between LG or Maytag Epic.

Please help me with decision making.


LG WM0742HWA (steam washer)


Maytag Epic MFW 9700SQ

Maytag Epic MFW 9800TQ

Please let me know which one will perform well with least amoutn of problems. Not sure if should buy extended warranty (which I normally don't believe) at $99 for four years.

Thanks for your time.

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I can't comment on either of these, but I bought a Maytag Bravos HE washer/dryer set from Home Depot in May and have been totally satisfied with them. I have read so much here and elsewhere about problems with front loaders accumulating mold and mildew, and the Bravos HE washer's capacity is at least as big, if not bigger, I decided to go with it. Plus, I like the convenience of all the top-loading washer features in an HE washer.

We got great Home Depot rebates, also have Maytag rebates available, and I did purchase the extended warranties at $99 for four *more* years (they already come with one-year warranties), which means our machines are under warranty for five years.

Since just one service call can easily total $100 or more, I thought the extended warranties were a bargain.

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We bought the 9800TQ Maytag from Lowes this past Saturday night. Installed it myself Sunday, and have given it a pretty good workout since Sunday morning. It was on sale for 808$ and it has worked perfectly from towels to silk shirts. No complaints so far. The pedestal helps out for storage as well.


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We just got our LG steam washer and dryer delivered this afternoon, after two loads I am smitten. They look beautiful, the laundry is cleaner and softer than ever, and I got to repaint the laundry room!

Definitely go for the LG; I have always had excellent experiences with their products. If the warranty is just $99/4 years, go for it. That is just over $2/month, well worth it just in case. I don't do extended warranties either, but for a high dollar purchase (especially something as gadget-laden as a washer) I do get them, I have probably broken even over the years.

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I just bought the LG WM0742HWA and the matching dryer - LOVE THEM! I've only had them for about two weeks, but I had no idea I could actually enjoy doing laundry - but I do! The jumbo capacity means I do laundry less frequently, and my clothes are wonderfully clean (after 5 years with a less than stellar Kenmore front loader w/ a very small load capacity). Home Depot's extra incentives sold us. :)

I also liked the 2455 model (that was my original choice after I made peace with not being able to have the pretty cherry or blue colored ones that were a fair bit more money on a more expensive model), but opted for the SteamWasher instead. I compared the minor differences between the two, and concluded that the 0742 was the right one for us. And at our HD, the prices for the washers were the same (the 0742 is more expensive on the website), and the matching dryer was actually a bit less than the matching dryer for the stackable.

I never really considered a Maytag, so I can't help you with the comparison between the two.

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I bought the GE Harmony, which I was told is made by LG. I bought it at Lowes, because the salesman at Home Depot lied to us about them having Sunday delivery, which was important to us.

I also purchased the extended warranty (4 years for I think $99). I normally think they are a ripoff, but since I had so many problems with my Maytag, this is peace of mind for me.

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Im sending back my LG 2455. I loved the look and it seemed to do well cleaning, but it terribly noisy. pump noise and vibration spin noise was out of this world. Im trying a Whirlpool duet next.

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Kon, it sounds like your machine is not level. Is it on a solid floor? Adjust the feet, it will quiet the machine.

We have the LG 2688 washer and the 8377 dryer in blue, LOVE them.

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I have LG 2233 front loader, and it's pretty darn quiet. I really love the machine, it cleans very well and is fun to use. I can't believe I look for laundry to wash just so I can use the machine!

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its perfectly level. EVen had 2 different service calls on it and they both said the noise is just the way the all are. I had them check the level and they both said it was good. The floor is rock solid, service guy even commented that for it being on a 2nd floor the floor was perfectly still. Its the loud drain pump and the vibration that killed me. Like I said before laundry is right next to my office and I need a quieter machine. Darn it! I did like the set otherwise.

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Kon, can you insulate your walls? We did this while our house was being built, we snuck in and added soundproof insulation between a lot of the walls before the drywall went up. If you know how to hang drywall (or know someone who does) it might be a less expensive alternative to tear down your walls and insulate them.

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