Furnace not turning on.

CeciCeciOctober 2, 2011

Nothing happens at all. I think it may be the pressure switch or the draft inducer. Would be nice if it were the pressure switch since lots less expensive and much easier to replace, but I have a feeling it is not the problem. The diagnostic code on the Intertherm furnace blinks 3 times so that means "pressure switch stuck on close". I removed the switch and gently blew/sucked through the nipple and heard a "click" or something so wouldn't that unstick the darn thing(from my understanding there is a diaphragm in the actual switch so that is what I heard moving when I sucked/blew)? Anyway, still no heat. I turned the thermostat on to "fan" and the fan works, not sure if that is of any value here. From my limited understanding the draft inducer should first kick in and then that sends a "message" to the pressure switch, and if that is all ok, then it should start the furnace so that is why I think it really is the draft inducer that is broken, but I don't understand why that other silly message about the "pressure switch stuck on close" keeps showing up. Most of what I found on the internet talks about the pressure switch being stuck on open, not on close. Help, please.



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What kind of fuel does your furnace burn?

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