Attic Humidistat.. proper setting for season?

trancefusionOctober 19, 2011

I have an attic fan run on a combination thermostate/humidistat.

The main problem is that when it is raining frequently the humidistat causes the fan to run (in theory to get the moist air out of the attic), but of course the air outside is humid as well so it just runs continually. Should I do something or just let it run?

I'm also wondering if there is a different humidity level that is ideal for winter vs summer.

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I assume that the attic is vented (replacement air) to the outside. If so, probably not much value for it to run.

You could wire a switch (series) into the power leg and if you're handy, run it down to an inside wall below. Or,if not, place the switch inside the hatch where it will be readily accessible. That way, you can run/disable it at will.


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What is the point of the humdistat anyway? Why would the attic become more humid than outside? Is there a certain time of year that this happens?

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